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10 Best cat wand toys | Full reviews | Q&A

No doubt, cats are adorable and always looking to have fun. Keeping your cat entertained by indulging them in cheerful activities will maintain their enthusiasm. As well as keep their bodies fit and their mind stimulated.

So, cats need interactive playtime that will satisfy their hunting instincts and keep them sporty. The best way to keep a cat interactive is a game where you can use a toy to mimic a cat’s prey. It can be, for example, birds or mice. Wand toys are an excellent choice for this.

A toy mouse or a bird feather is usually attached at the end of the wand. Those kinds of toys make the cat curious to catch the prey.

However, don’t make the game too easy. At the end of the game, do reward your cat for catching the prey. After all, that’s the rule of nature for a successful hunt, right?

10 Best cat wand toys

#1. JW Pet Cataction Ball with Wand Cat Toy

As a cat owner, you may have probably spent a lot of money on new toys for your cat. However, you find out that your feline friend is not at all interested in your gifts.

Cats are notoriously difficult to impress or please, that coupled with their intelligence. Sometimes it is not easy to find the right toy for your cat and be sure your cat will enjoy it for more than five minutes.

Key Features:

  • Made from feathers and pom-poms
  • Interactive toy
  • Encourages natural instinct
  • Flexible wire

If you are seriously looking for toys to stimulate your cat, you have to think twice. You must consider what your furry friend likes the most and keeps her always busy and engaging.

Nowadays, most of the toys have an intention to make your cat happy and to develop cognitive and motor skills of your cat. JW Pet Cataction Ball with Wand Cat Toy is an exciting toy for your furry friend. It is an attractive and interactive toy that helps your cat improving and developing natural predator skills.

This long wand has a ball and feather that specially designed for cats to activate their natural instincts. They will love to play and pounce with the toy. You can make your cat busy for a long time with this magical wand.

It is one of the most practical interacting toys for the cats. If you are not finding a way to spend more time with the cat and want to keep your feline friend healthy, this magical wand can do your work. They can play in the form of fun exercise.

There is a flexible wire and want that allow the cat to have quick movement, and you will be able to test the agility of your cat.

Significant benefits of the toy:
• You will be able to know the right way to please your cat with the right toy. There is a flexible wire that helps the cat to make faster movements.
• Your cat will enjoy the activities like catching the pom-poms or the colorful feathers even during the flight. It attracts them most.
• You can get interactive, enticing playtime with your cat when you have this beautiful toy.
• It can encourage and develop the instinct of your cat so that it can pounce.
• It is a high-quality product made from durable materials. With JW Pet Cataction Ball with Wand, you and your cat will enjoy every playing session in the maximum.

However, you must keep an eye on your cat when she is playing with the toy.

#2. CoolCyberCats The Super Da Bird Pole Toy

Cats are more like children. They love playing with anything, but you have to supervise them on their security. Surely you will want a safe toy for your cat, which is interactive at the same time. And that where The Super Da Bird Pole Toy comes into consideration.

One of the favorite items for cats is the feather, and a wand with a feather is a great combination. Waving wand in front of a cat’s eye will encourage their predator skills. You can choose from many different types of wand toys on the market. The selection is vast because it is a booming time for wand toys.

Key Features:

  • Safe for the kittens
  • Made in the USA
  • 36″ rod
  • Guinea feathers
  • Natural assorted colors
CoolCyberCats The Super Da Bird Pole Toy

Everybody loves treating cats from time to time. But do we really need to spend a lot of money to entertain our cat? Making your cat running, jumping, and fully occupied will cost you a few dollars only. All you can do is buy a wand toy, which is affordable for any cat owner.

Cats can be compared to children, in that they go through different phases and get bored quickly. The Super Da Bird Pole Toy set is an exciting option that may help them to enjoy for a long time.

These toys are like a fishing wand with feathers or birds at the end of a string. You will be able to involve your cat into a game by moving a stick.

This set comes with three feathers, colorful birds that can give you a good spin on the air current. If you are looking for something that your cat may enjoy, give this toy a try. Your cat will be excited about jumping and catching the fake prey. Whether you want to have some fun with your furry friend or make her doing exercise, it is a great choice.

This toy comes with a feather refill. It looks very similar to a real bird, and while flying through the air can mimic the real sound of the bird too. Your cat will enjoy every session playing with it.

The beautiful assorted color will help your cat to stay engaged and involved. You can give your little cats a reason to be happy with this beautiful piece of toy.

#3. Downtown Pet Supply - Cat Toys Variety Bundle Set

Catnip toys are the best option for your furry friends to enjoy quality time in their home. When you have plenty of fake mice and small furry things running around that you can stuff with catnip, you find that your pets get a lot of time to enjoy themselves. Your furry friend will release a lot of energy while hunting, which is excellent for her health.

cat wand toy collection

Key Features:

  • Variety of 16 pieces
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Contains catnip
  • Safe for play

Your cat needs to have a way to play and interact with you to stay healthy physically and mentally. If they do not get a chance to work out and they are chirping at you for something to do or continuously meowing, they are bored. And as you may know, the bored cat has a risk of being depressed. Having those toys around and playing with your cat can help a lot to create a bond that enhances your relationship.

The Downtown Pet Supply Value Cat Toys Variety Bundle Set is a great all-inclusive pack of toys.

It comes in a complete set with interesting balls, wand, catnip toys, mice, bells, feathers, and rattle toys. You can choose a pack will 11 items or with 16 fun toys. These 16 pieces of fun toys can keep the little furry friend happy and entertained for a long time.

All these interactive toys will help your cat enjoy the playtime at the maximum.

• A great variety of toys will offer an endless fun session to your cat. Even when you are away from home, your cat will be engaged and entertained well.
• The attractive colors will engage your cat and induce curiosity.
• This pack of toys is worth the price. The price will suit your budget for the loving pet very well.

#4. Rainbow Cat Charmer

Cats naturally amuse themselves, and we all laugh at the antics of our cats as they chase their tails or attack a slipper. Keeping this in mind, you can buy some toys for them that will keep them engaged and involved. When it comes to selecting the cat toys, you need to imagine that you are dealing with a small child.

Key Features:

  • Durable and safe
  • Made in the USA
  • Non-toxic materials
Rainbow Cat Charmer

Perhaps, cats are the most playful animals on earth. Whether they’re kittens or the full-grown adults, they cannot seem to outgrow their playfulness. They get especially excited when they see moving objects like charmers or balls. This ‘play aggression’ is more like the manifestation of the cats hunting behavior as they are inherently predators. This type of toy can help them to play happily even when no one is around.

Why this charmer?

When you are thinking about the right toys to give your feline friend, consider the safety factor first. You need to think about size, level of activity, personal preferences, and the environment in that your pet spends its playtime.

Cats usually love to have everything colorful. The unique concept, color, design can attract them most. A new twist with the Rainbow Cat Charmer will be an excellent choice. This charmer has an original design, extremely durable like the actual charmer, and now comes with an added flair. In a word, a complete playing option for your little cat.

It is an interactive toy for cats. It can charm your cat without any harm due to its safety. There is a polycarbonate wand that merged with the beautiful and colorful fabric. For the aerobic exercise of your cat, this can be the best toy. Not only for the cats or kittens, but the charmer is safe for your kids too. So, allow your kids to play and have a great time with the little feline friend at your home.

Rainbow cat charmer is a durable and unbreakable toy, so complete worth of money for you and your cat. Your cat will enjoy playing with the charmer every time. It is a non-toxic and colorfast product, so you don’t have to worry about your cat.

#5. Pet Fit For Life 5 Piece Worms Teaser

Cats usually love to play, especially the kittens. Studies have shown that kittens who play lots have less likely to develop old age issues like Alzheimer’s later in life. Playtime is essential for cats of all ages. It can stimulate their brains, and it allows a good outlet for the requirement to hone their hunting skills.

Pet Fit For Life 5 Piece Worms Teaser

Key Features:

  • 5 Piece Worms Teaser
  • Soft and durable handle
  • 33″ string
  • easy on/off clasp

We all buy cat toys that our cats do not like often. But when you buy the Pet Fit Life 5 piece Worms Teaser, you will not be able to keep your cat away from it. This type of beautiful wands can make your cat happy and interested to play more.

What makes the Pet Fit Life 5 piece Worms Teaser so enticing to your cats?

  • The first and foremost reason for choosing the wand is it can emulate what cats prey upon in the wild. Just hold this wand and dangle. Your cat will jump on it with the desire to catch it.
  • Second is the beautiful color co-ordination. Bright, attractive colors can make your cat to grab the wand and to play with it. It has some more vivid pink, green, neon yellow colors.
  • This is one of the most durable rods available in the current market. It is a high-quality product from a carbon filter. You will get the assurance that it will not break even after the harsh playtime of the cat.
  • There is the easy to use on/off button at the end part of the end. You can change the action easily without any harm. There is also the pole connection, based on friction. You need to push the different poles together to get an excellent resistive friction force. It can easily hold your wands together for the long hours of playtime. The sleek and slim wand is very easy to store.
  • There is a foam handle that is very durable, soft, and easy to grasp. Your cat lover friend will be the happiest person if you gift something like the wand. It will help you to keep your cat healthy and full-on life.
  • You will get some replacement heads also for the wand, colorful and feathery.
  • For more extra punch and fun, it comes with a long 33″ string
  • Your cat will love the different interchangeable attachments. You can change the action as per the cat’s mood.
  • This is durable yet very lightweight

#6. Pet Fit For Life 2 Fish and Feather Teaser

Cats are very much picky, and sometimes it takes more than just the usual set of toys to attract their attention. You may know the feeling of bringing home the catnip stuffed mouse, wand, or wheel with the ball.

Key Features:

  • Extra-long wand – 33″ inches
  • Strong & very flexible
  • Includes two fishes
  • Helps to develop hunting instinct
Pet Fit For Life 2 Fish and Feather Teaser

You may think that your cat will be playing with such toys for more extended hours each day, but they disdainfully sniff such toys, turn the back on it, lie down, or go somewhere. By keeping this mind, you need to buy some exceptional toys that your cat will love to play with fir hours.

These are not those typical toys that you bring home to watch it play. These are mostly interactive toys, toys that your cat will play with you together.

Pet Fit for Life 2 Fish and Feather Teaser is such a toy that can increase the interest of your cat to play for a more extended time. It is an exciting and attractive looking wand. The best part about the toy is its fish toy at the end.

Specifications of the product:

  • This is a specially designed interactive toy for cats. Only durable and non-toxic material is used for this toy. Your furry friend will be completely safe while playing with the wand.
  • Your cat will love the part where there are fish and feathers. There is also the second fish that gives more reasons for your pet to play.
  • This is a 33-inch long wand. The longer rod is best because it has more flexibility and durability. It is strong enough with the long string that the cat will surely love and will have a lot of fun.
  • If you are looking for the ideal gift for your cat-loving friend, you don’t need to look further. They will appreciate and will love by having such a wonderful gift. You will be able to make our cat exercise with it. Just hold it up, and the cat will jump to catch the fish. It can give you exciting and fun-filling playtime with your cat.

Beautiful fish with bright pink or blue feathers is something interesting for your cat. This product is worth buying for every cat lover and cat owner who wants to make their cat happy. You can keep away the boredom of your cat with the gift, and it can hone their natural instinct of prey.

#7. KONG Active Feather Teaser Catnip Toy

Cats are more like our children, and we love to entertain them with exciting toys, foods, or by providing good playtime. Cats usually love to play with toys, but they are very selective about their toys. Wand toys are one of the favorites and popular toys that your cat can like most.

KONG Active Feather Teaser Catnip Toy

Key Features

  • Contains premium North American Catnip
  • Guarantee an interactive play
  • 20″ inches long wand
  • Bright feathers

Catnip toys or some wands usually come with the laces, strings, or small furry toys attached to them. The cats will like to catch it at the end. Twirl such toys around in the whirlwind of furry, and your cat will go for getting the lace, feather, string, or whatever is attached to the end.

There can be fake mice, fish, stuffed animals, and bounce balls, etc. that make it a great item that your little feline friend can enjoy. Add just a pinch of catnip toys to them, and your cat will get more reason to be happy and to have more fun.

KONG Active Feather Teaser Catnip Toy is an adorable looking catnip toy and the best interactive one to try. This toy is designed especially for interactive play sessions of your cat. This is best for the added stimulation of your cat.

Your cat will play and jump to catch the end because it comes with a bright feather at the end of the wand. It has a crinkle sound that can tempt your cat and they will jump to catch it. To set a fun-filled playtime or session with your cat, you can choose this toy especially. It comes with a bright feathery toy at the end of the wand that the cats like most usually.

Some benefits of using the toy

  • It contains the premium catnip, especially that may help your cat for better stimulation.
  • Active feather teaser wand is carefully designed to allow your cat the best interactive playing session with you.
  • The combination of crinkle sound and bright feather can e enhance the basic instincts of your cat and make them pounce and hunt.
  • It can help you to grow a good bonding with your pet in a fun way
  • You will find it with three different random characters like the bluebird, butterfly, and Flamingo and the unique bird sound.
  • This toy is also available in various fun and random colors that the cat loves most.

#8. SmartyKat Feather Whirl Electronic Motion Cat Toy

It is no secret that exercise is the most important thing for the healthy and long life of the cat. Cats do not want 20 minutes of aerobic exercise, but some exciting games. You also wish your cat to stay happy and healthy, isn’t it?. Some toys can help you a lot to fulfill such a dream. It is more like a challenge not only for you but also for your furry friend to get off its couch and engage in some easy game like fitness activities. It will give you an excellent opportunity to have a good time with your little friend.

Key Features

  • Unpredictable play pattern
  • Encourage healthy activity in cats
  • Quiet motor
  • Wand is replaceable
  • Made with recycled plastic
SmartyKat Feather Whirl Electronic Motion Cat Toy

Cats prefer always to have something exciting and fun. You can give some interactive toys to them that can make you and your cat happy. Cats usually love chasing such toys like Smarty Kat Feather Whirl Electronic Motion Cat Toy. This is an automated whirl. Your cat can enjoy it with you or without you, both.

It can encourage your furry friend to do what comes naturally to them, like chasing and catching. Even though your cat is not hunting, they still enjoy the actions and movements involved in hunting and will create a form of play. Balls of the toy are great, anything that your cat will bat around, possibly it will carry and will try ripping apart, bite or roll with. Keep this toy for your Cats, particularly if they spend a lot of time alone.

Specifications of the toy

  • There are some other factors like the spinning feathers, the colorful end of the wand that can fascinate your little cat. This feather can spin around erratically so that the cat will have a lot of fun.
  • Another exciting thing is the unusual and unpredictable pattern of the toy, and it helps to sustain the interest of your pet for a more extended time.
  • If your Cat is lazy and you want to give it a reason to exercise and stay fit, this toy is ideal for it. You can promote some healthy activity to them through fun playtime.
  • This is undoubtedly a motor run, automated toy, but the motor is whisper-quiet, so you don’t have to worry your cat will be scared.
  • You will get the replacement wand with the product, so if the existing one gets damaged, you will get another to enjoy and play.
  • The outer casing of the ball is made of high-quality recycled plastic.

#9. SmartyKat Interactive and Wand Cat Toys

As a cat owner, I am more than sure you love your furry friend and would like to provide every comfort that the cat requires. If you’ve ever been disappointed by finding out that the beautiful toy you’ve bought for your friend does not make the kitty happy or entertaining, don’t worry! Here is another solution for you and your friend.

SmartyKat Interactive and Wand Cat Toys

Key Features

  • Interactive cat toy
  • 100% high-quality recycled plastic
  • Durable
  • Colors Vary

Smarty Kat Interactive Wand toy is ideal for cats of all ages. As an indoor cat usually spends the entire day in their house. It is great to buy some standard and proper toys that may attract and catch their moody attraction.

For intelligent animals like cats, it is always good to have the stimulation toys that may attract those most. These toys can keep them busy, active, and engaged for a while.

Smarty Kat Interactive and Wand Cat Toys are one of the best choices. This mice and wand toy is ideal for cats. This wand has a cute mouse toy glued to a stick that also contains a long string. It is fluffy with few feathers, which is ideal for playing a hunting game.

Your cat is going to love this toy as she can chase and pounce on it. There are many varieties available in this wand toy. You will have to choose the most attractive and lightweight toy as it can provide more fun for your cat. The mouse made of soft cotton.

Some specifications:

  • It is an interactive fun toy that will help your cat to develop many skills.
  • You will get different color variations like a gray mouse with bright blue accents. Also, you can go for a cream mouse with glossy yellow accents. The color combination of the toy is imposing and attractive.
  • You can select the colors randomly. There is a mouse that bounces at a corner of the wand or the long string. Rings can slip over your fingers, and you will be able to control the entire fun with your finger.
  • This toy may encourage the great bonding between your pet and you, a bonding to play together and enjoy together.
  • The fiberfill of the toy is made of 100% high quality recycled plastic.
  • This toy is very durable and very attractive choice for the cat.

#10. Jackson Galaxy AIR Wand

There are two critical reasons why getting toys for your cat is a good idea. Firstly because they will enjoy playing with them, and it will keep them entertained and occupied. The second reason is that the cat will not use your furniture as toys.

Key Features

  • Engaging and stimulating hunting skills
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Adjustable rod up to 32″
  • Retractable wand
  • High-quality product
Jackson Galaxy AIR Wand

However, choosing the right toy for your cat is the trickiest job due to the wide variety and availability.

There are some unique and exciting toys available that you can buy for your little furry friend and keep her engaged and entertained for long hours.

Jackson Galaxy AIR Wand toy is another excellent choice for any cat. This toy will bring out the original instinct of your cat and stimulate the hunting nature of the cat.

It is a retractable toy wand, and you can adjust the length of the rod up to 32 inches. It is an air prey long wand, and it engages the raw instinct of a cat. It also helps to build up a solid bond between the cat and its owner.

To keep your cat active, you can use this beautiful toy wand, and your cat will love to have fun with this. If you want to make your cat more active with some activities like swatting, stalking, hunting and pouncing, this toy will be the right choice.

Some interesting features:

  • Just be ready to enjoy fun-filled playtime with your little pet and keep them entertained always.
  • With over 500 years of experience, this brand only designs high-quality, durable toys for the furry friends of your home, and this wand is no exception.
  • This is an eco-friendly product also. Bright purple and grey feather at the end of the rod is just fantastic to attract the cats. They jump on it with the desire to catch. Your cat can experience the real thrill of pouncing and prowling by staying in the comfort of your home.
  • This is not only an excellent outlet for the cats with a higher energy level, but it also makes your lazy, less active feline friend exercise a little bit. If your friend has a lazy cat, she/he will appreciate this toy surely.
  • It is very comfortable to hold, and you can play easily with your cat.
  • The cord is retractable and tangle-free so that you can enjoy unlimited fun without any interruption. Sound, shape, color, comfort, you will get everything in this particular toy for cats.

What are the benefits of wand toys?

Toys and daily playtime are part of your pet’s fun experience. It keeps them comfortable and safe. The play offers your cat an outlet for their passion. While playing, cats get as well a mental and physical excitement and a chance to fulfill their instinctive hunting urge. At the same time, your cat will have an excellent opportunity to get in contact with you.

Wand toys are magical! And have the following benefits for your cat:

  • It is so much fun to play with and be a significant boredom buster for your cat.
  • Wand toys will help to will build trust between you and your cat and make them comfortable around you.
  • Also those toys will promote exercise and give your cat the necessary workout to keep them active
  • They relieve stress and anxiety, making them feel confident
  • It will promote bonding with fur siblings and cat friends
  • Your bond will be more strong with your cat through regular play sessions
  • Toys are a great way to enhance your cat’s imagination. While playing, your cat can demonstrate instinctive pouncing and tracking abilities. If you inspire your cat to play more, you will help to avoid issues such as loneliness, separation anxiety, and stress.

Importantly, you should use toys to build your relationship with your cat through cooperative play. The toys may provide a significant source of entertainment, particularly for indoor cats.

What type of wand toys exists?

Nowadays, you can find hundreds of wand toys. Here are some favorite types. These wand toys will help to bring out your cats’ inner kitten!

#1. Tassel wand toy
At the end of the wand will be a tassel with different colors to give your furball some variety. These wands could be made at home using embroidery threads or yarns, or you can buy it online. The length of the rod is long and has a little risk of accidentally getting scratched during the play.

#2. Linen ball teaser wand
This wand has a linen ball attached at the end, which could come in different solid colors. Your cat will be thrilled and excited about the colors. The suspension streamers can charm to your cat’s natural instincts. Therefore the ball can provide him one thing fun to dig his claws into.

#3. Fly wand
Fly wands have a long string with an attached clip to a rod. The wiggly spider legs can beckon your cat to look and encourage several hours of interactive play.

#4. Cat charmer wand
It is a polycarbonate wand having a strip of colorful fleece attached to it. This toy comes in multicolor. It will attract your cat and give an enjoyable, playful time.

#5. Feather cat wand
Feather cat wand is one of the famous cat wand toys you would find in every cat toy shop. When it fly’s through the air, it makes the cat feel like a real bird flapping its wings. It is a must-have toy as it will drive your cat crazy and cheer them to be active.

Are wand toys safe for cats?

As most of the wand toys are made with strings and twines, it is mandatory to put them away when not in use. During the play, you should supervise your cat with care.

Wand toys are great interactive toys for your cat. However, at the same time, it could be dangerous for your cat. There is a risk for your cat to get tangled in the strings.

Ribbons, strings, and yarns could be a fun toy, but it could also be deadly if swallowed. Keep an eye on your cat as you make him play with the wand toys.

Make sure to use wand toys that do not have beads, nutshells, or beans attached. As it could harm your cat when they chew/ swallow it.

It’s best only to let your cat play with high-quality toys or other healthy things.

Pet-proofing the house by covering these things:

  • rope, thread, ribbon, dental floss,
  • paper clips, pins, and needles
  • rubber bands
  • plastic bags (mainly dry-cleaning bags — they might suffocate)
  • every other item that your pet could chew.


1. How long should I play with my cat?

Playing with cats will help them to get much-needed exercise. Most importantly, it will relieve their prey drive, which is already biologically built in them, like humans.

So it is encouraged for you to play with your cat for 15-20 mins in a day. Otherwise, a cat can develop a physical and behavioral problem. Your cat can weight gain and constipation to acting in an irritative manner, acting demanding, biting humans, etc.

Also, the ideal daily playtime session with a cat depends on each furball individually. Some cats prefer to play for a long duration. Depending on the breed they belong to. For example, Abyssinian, Japanese Bobtail Ragdoll, and Maine Coon cats need a push to start playing. However, they are very to be engaged in a short burst of intensive activity.

If you want to know more about your cat playing pattern, try different play modes. You will be able to find out which one suits best for your cat.

As the total time of your cat to play is 15-20 minutes a day, you can divide the playtime into small sessions. If your cat likes to play for a long time, make the session only once. Comparing kittens and cats, kittens need more playtime. It makes them adaptive to playing even when they grow. It should be kept in mind to play with your cat daily. However, it is possible that you might be busy with your schedule and do not give the playtime for someday. But don’t make it a regular habit. Remember that indoor cats depend on intensive playtime for relief.

2. Can old cats play with wand toys?

Cats of all ages love to play with wand toys! To keep your cat’s physical and mental health boosted, you should consider your cat’s age and physical condition.

The key is to use the type of wand, depending on your cat age. For example, playing with an older cat, you could use a rod having a soft attachment. It can be a soft mice toy or linen ball with organic color dyed so that the dye won’t give stomach-ache to your cat and also won’t hurt the cats’ soft gums.

3. How many toys are too many for cats?

No matter how many different toys your cat has, the same toys may turn uninviting. That doesn’t imply that you have to get a range of toys and put them away: it’s unnecessary. Instead, allow your cat restricted access to a certain number of toys.

Build an easy plan to allow your cat to have two or three toys that they want at once. The others you can hide in a cupboard where your cat has no access. Changing your cat’s toys regularly will make your cat feel like they always have something new to play with.

It’s always good, right from the outset, to note that your cat is searching for you more than any pet toy, no matter how awesome it might be.

So start little, start slow, offer your cat a chance to play with a few new toys. It can be even a handmade toy, made by you, and enjoy seeing what it feels like to play with.

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