can cats eat apple

Can Cats Eat Apple? Yes and NO! Your all-inclusive guide

Can cats eat apple? Cats are obligate hungry, which means your cat will not be able to digest entirely things that are not meat.

You always do love to share your food items with your feline friend. But not all foods you share are good for your kitty. Some can endanger her health.

In this topic, we will discuss whether cats can eat apples. Does your cat love eating apples? If it’s yes, probably you need to be aware of your loved ones. A small portion of apple will improve your kitty’s health, but the heavier part can be a hazard to your loved one.

Did you know that apple is an incredible fruit? It is full of fibers, vitamins, antioxidants, and phytochemicals. So from your childhood itself, you might have heard, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

But unfortunately for your kitty is not at all like that. Usually, cats are not that much fond of sweet. The reason is that cats can’t taste sweetened foods. Even though all fruits have their own natural sugar, the digestion of the natural sugar for cats is a concern. Can you give apples to your pet? Let’s have a look at your doubt.

can cats eat apple

Can cats eat apples?

Of course, your cat can eat the apple. It’s good for your loved one. The only thing is you need to be careful while giving an apple. You have to provide them with only a moderate amount, that means only a slice. Another condition is that you have to remove the seeds and the core.

Have you ever noticed your kitty playing with the piece when you give them an apple? The reason behind this is that cats and apples are a funny combination; cats may not want to eat the apple. It is a good idea to give a piece of an apple, so you can see now while playing, your kitty will take a bite.

Your kitty will have only a few nips out of the bid slice. Your kitty is doing so because she saws you eating the apple. If your kitty eats the apple, that doesn’t mean you give her a lot. This mind can cause severe problems for your loved one. Be conscious, give her one or two slices which don’t have seeds, and wash the apple nicely.

Some cats might not request apples, but some will be very much interested in eating it. In that case, you can put a tiny slice of apple on her dry or wet food.

The limited portion of fresh apple will be an essential source of calcium, vitamins K, C, and fiber.

cat eating apple

Are apples safe for my cat?

Obviously yes! Apple is safe for your kitty. Unlike apple seeds, core, and peel, which can cause some health issues.

For example, the seeds can cause a choking hazard to your pet while chewing. Chewing seeds can also make it stuck in her teeth or gums. Also, apple stems, leaves, and seeds contain cyanide (cyanogen glycoside), which is particularly toxic in wilting.

So if your kitty takes in seeds or its core, your cat’s mucous membrane will become brick red. Also, you can see your cat’s eyes pupils become dilated. Your cat feels difficulty in breathing, panting, and shock. It is the symptoms of the poisonous effect of the cyanide. So don’t ever dare to give apple seed or its core to your kitty even by mistake.

It’s too dangerous, your kitty’s digestive system is delicate, so do take care of that.

You should not give her a rotten apple since cats are more sensitive to rotten fruits. Rotten apple will cause diarrhea and also other stomach issues. You should also be aware of fermented apples, which will send your kitty into an alcohol coma. You always need to keep in mind that only one or two slices of a fresh apple are enough for your kitty. That slices itself will give your kitty’s needed vitamin C, calcium, and fibers. So not doubt apple is safe for your kitty.

What are the benefits apples bring to a cat?

Apples are good to your cat but in a small amount. If you give your cat apple, your kitty’s health will improve, as you give her vitamin K and C, fibers known as pectin, and calcium.

You can avoid a fat diet in which you give her a snack. Instead, you can offer a healthy one or two slices of fresh apple. This idea will make your buddy more healthy and smart.

As mentioned earlier, vitamin C in the apple will help your feline friend to be healthy. Vitamin C is an excellent natural active antioxidant. However, if you have a habit of giving your cat an apple, don’t provide additional vitamin C to your cat  The reason is that the cat body is capable of producing its own vitamin C. Since one slice of apple can improve antioxidation in the body, more vitamin C can do the opposite. An active antioxidant will become a passive antioxidant. And instead of preventing cells from the damage, overdose of vitamin C will damage those cells.

Anyway, you will be aware of the need for calcium. Your cat needs calcium for healthy teeth and bones. It will take only a little time in the litter box if you give the apple to your furry friend.

Your cat’s blood sugar will be regulated, once you start giving her one or two slices of apple. Do you know the reason behind this, apple has phytonutrients which regulate your kitty’s sugar level. Now you might have surprised to know how much an apple benefits your feline friend.

How much of apples should I give my cat?

Your doubt is on the right track. How many apples you should give to your cat is very important. Speaking, you can provide your kitty 1 or 2 slices at a time. You just try sprinkling small pieces of apples on the top of your kitty’s food. If you try a whole apple for your kitty, it can cause stomach ache and other digestive disorders.

One fact of the apple is that it lacks proteins and vitamin B, which your kitty needs the most.

Apple has high calories, and your cat doesn’t need that much. In 240gm of apple, the calorie is 126. You may understand the calorie level; it’s too high for your cat.

Your cat’s taste buds don’t give the feel of sugar, so obviously she will not react more while having apples.  

So do give your kitty only a small amount of apple, it’s enough for your loved one.    

How should I serve my cat?

First of all, you need to make sure that the apple you are going to give to your kitty is safe from pesticides. As you know, commonly nowadays, every apple will be sprayed with pesticides and other components. 

Even though apple is organic, you can assume that they have sprayed natural pesticides on it. So whenever you serve apple to your kitty, wash it nicely under running water. If possible, keep the apple in baking soda solution in for at least 15 to 20 minutes. You should also peel off the apple before giving it to your cat. 

Here are some ideas on how you can serve your cat with a fresh apple. 

  1. You can cut the apple into small pieces and put it on top of your kitty’s meal. You can avoid chocking and also make it easier for your kitty to eat.
  2. Another great idea is to mash the apple. 
  3. Your kitty will love if you give it as small pieces of apple wrapped in cooked turkey or ham.
  4. You can also make your apple into small slices and put on top of wet or dry cat food. 
  5. Also, an apple puree mixed in a wet cat food will be a great dish. Your furry friend will love the taste. 

Feel creative while serving your cat with apple. There are many other ways you can do it. You know your cat best. As I said before, not all cats want to eat apples and will eat an apple; in that case, you shouldn’t be forcing your cat. 

Can cats drink apple juice?

If cats can eat apples, can they also drink apple juice? The answer is YES. Your cat can have apple juice too, but again only in a moderate amount.

You will find that sugar level will be high in juices, which can cause stomach issues to your kitty. 

Apples are a source of fiber content, and fiber is good for your kitty. However, you should know, in apple juice, the fiber content will be less. So apple slices are far better to your kitty when compared to juice. 

Apple juice will have more calories when compared to slices. In fact, it is not good because your cat should have more proteins than calories. As well there is a risk of a cavity.

If you are eager to give your cat an apple juice, you can, but here are my suggestions:

  • Give your cat a little amount of apple juice. She will undoubtedly enjoy a small coffee spoon.
  • Don’t give apple juice every day. Once in a 3 or 4 days will be more than enough
  • After providing an apple juice, brush her teeth. You will be able to prevent the cavity. 
  • I suggest you to 

 Apple juice is safe for your cat in a moderate amount, antioxidants in apples will be highly beneficial for your cat. So without fear, you can give your kitty apple juice once in a while, but as I already said NOT EVERY DAY. 

Can cats drink apple juice

Can cats eat apple? - Conclusion

As you know, apples are extremely good for humans, but it’s not for cats. Your cat will suffer if you give them apple as we humans eat. But if you want to give your kitty apple, to get the benefits of it, please take the steps as discussed above.

All fruits have advantages as well as disadvantages. So for your cat apple will be benefitting more on disadvantages.

To keep your cat happy and healthy, I would suggest not giving apple at all than giving it every single day with the hope of improving the immune system or helping her losing weight.

If your cat is a big fan of apples, you can make her happy by providing one or two slices. Also, make sure that your loved one chews no seeds or core of seeds. Always do wash the apple before giving your kitty.


#1. Are apples toxic to cats?

Yes, it is. Apples are toxic to your cats. If you don’t focus on how much you serve and what all parts you give to your kitty.

You have to keep in mind that other than apple’s flesh, all other parts can cause your kitty problems.

Whenever you give apple, do remove its seeds and its core. If your kitty chews the seeds of an apple, it can seriously hurt her. The seed has cyanide content that poisons your kitty.

You have to keep an eye on your cat when she plays with apples leaves or stems. Leaves, stem, and seeds are very harmful. But it won’t hurt humans since the cyanide contained in all these is not enough to kill us. So beware whenever you give an apple to your kitty.

#2. Can cats eat green apples?

If you try to understand the difference between red and green apple, you will be shocked. The benefit distinctions are negligible. Your cat will also feel a difference in benefits if you give green apple instead of red.

But sill you should give your kitty green apple also in moderate. Compare to red apple, the green one has slightly more fiber and less carbohydrates and sugar.

What will it do to a cat? Your buddy will feel comfortable in the litter box if she eats a green apple since it has more fibers. Compare to red apple; it won’t cause any digestion problem or stomach ache for your kitty.

Green apple also has more protein, potassium, vitamin A and iron than a red apple. So green apple is far better for your kitty, but only one or two slices is enough.

#3. Can cats eat apple peel?

Can cats eat apple peel? The answer is NO. It is not recommended for cats to eat the skin.

First of all, the skin is harder, and it’s a little bit tuff to break down for digestion in your cat.

Secondly, the peel is harder to chew for your kitty. While chewing peels, your cat can hurt her gums.

Thirdly you don’t prefer the skin because all apples are usually sprayed with pesticides and fungicides. In case you think you can go for an organic apple, you should know that organic apples are also sprayed with pesticides. But unlike the usual one, they can contain natural pesticides.

All the pesticides, even though it’s organic, are harmful to your kitty. So you should rinse it nicely in clean water, or you can soak apples in baking soda solution for 15 minutes. But best is peel off the apple skin, so there are no worries.

#4. Can apples kill cats?

Probably yes, if you haven’t taken proper precaution before feeding an apple to your kitty. Seeds of apple can kill your cat. Seeds, leaves, and stem contain toxins, which can cause high health issue to your kitty.

Seeds have cyanide, which is poisonous. You should be careful with the seeds as it has that much amount of cyanide, which is quite enough to kill the cat.

Don’t ever allow your kitty to chew apple’s stem and leaves. It will cause a critical health issue for your kitty. So take precautions while giving an apple to your cat.

#5. Can cats eat apple seeds?

No obviously not, don’t ever allow your kitty to chew or eat apple seeds. Seeds and its core has cyanide, which will poison and even kill your kitty. You should not let your kitty also to chew it. If, unfortunately, your kitty chewed or eat seeds, immediately go for a veterinarian as soon as possible.

Seeds are very dangerous to cats, so please do take ultimate care while giving the apple to your loved one. Poisonous cyanide will not harm human beings because the amount of cyanide contained in the seeds is not enough for them. But it is enough for your cat to get killed. So be conscious.

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