can cats eat chia seeds

Can Cats Eat Chia Seeds? Full Guide & Review

Can cats eat chia seeds? Is it right for your cats’ health? If those are the questions that are comming to your mind, I have good news because the answer is yes! There is unquestionably no harm in feeding chia seeds to your cats.

Actually, you might notice an enhancement in your cat’s health and its fur quality. Not only chia seeds are healthy, but they are loaded with high-quality nutrients, rich in Omega-3 fatty acid, protein, fiber, etc.

But before serving your cat chia seeds, it is significant to train yourself on its benefits, constituents, and consequences on cats that have been explained in detail below.

can cats eat chia seeds

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What are Chia Seeds?

Chia is a tasty seed that originates from the desert plant Salvia hispanica, grown in Mexico beginning back to Mayan and Aztec cultures.

“Chia” signifies energy, and folklore has it that these cultures utilized the tiny black and white seeds as an energy booster. Chia seeds are a combined food containing healthy omega-3 fatty acids, carbohydrates, antioxidants, protein, fiber, and calcium.

It is an unprocessed, whole-grain food that can be consumed by the body as seeds. One ounce, which is about two tablespoons, includes 139 calories, 4 grams of protein, 9 grams of fat, 11 grams of fiber, 12 grams of carbohydrates, plus vitamins and minerals.

The seeds also contain:

  • 18 of the 22 amino acids and all of the 9 fundamental amino acids namely,
  • leucine,
  • lysine,
  • isoleucine,
  • threonine,
  • tryptophan,
  • methionine,
  • phenylalanine,
  • valine,
  • histadine. 

The moderate, nutty flavor of chia seeds presents them easy to add to foods and drinks. They are most often sprayed on cereal, sauces, vegetables, rice dishes, or yogurt or processed into drinks and roasted goods.

They can likewise be blended with water and formed into a gel. In modern times, research has discovered the advantages of chia seeds to be far more significant than what anyone understood, which is specifically what we will see as we go forward.

And by the way, chia seeds are exceptional for your pets too. It is easier to collect. It doesn’t have any particular taste or smell for your pet to turn its nose up at.

chia seeds

Are Chia Seeds safe for cats?

There are various methods humans, along with their pets, are capable of enjoying chia seeds. First of all, it’s possible to eat seeds raw.

To obtain the maximum out of the seeds, it’s advised to grind the seeds slightly before use. Moreover, most experts often suggest that you soak chia seeds in water to let them expand enough and give your intestines a break. In the case of the chia seeds remain intact, there is a possibility that they might pass through the digestive system mostly undigested.

Regarding the case that chia seeds transform into gels after getting into contact with water, they shall be an excellent food supplement for cats that have constipation. The fluid quality of the water-soaked substance improves bowel movements and enhances the situation. 

Since the gel is usually digested at a moderate speed, your pet could completely and efficiently take in nutrients from other food.

The ease digestion speed also allows the pet body to control blood sugar naturally, which manages the energy level and benefits with overall weight management. 

Overall, the direct answer to the questions of “Can cats eat chia seeds? Or “Are chia seeds safe for cats?” It is “Yes“. The unique nutrient advantage of the Salvia Hispanica that is Chia seeds would grant abundant boosts to the immune system, eyes, bones, and furs of your cat. 

Chia seeds shall be cost-efficient foods for cats. Because the seeds themselves have moderately subtle flavors and smells, even the pickiest of eaters would likely eat them down. Multifaceted preparation methods besides enable you to have a high level of flexibility in feeding chia seeds to your pet, cats.

Top 10 benefits of Chia Seeds

Can cats eat chia seeds? Yes, they can, and you have to know the benefits of chia seeds. Just have a look at these interesting facts.

Chia seeds are so loaded with useful nutrients that early civilizations considered it enchanting for its capacity to boost stamina and overall health.

Just have a look at these nutritional benefits of chia seeds:


What makes chia seeds a great weight-loss food is the excellent fiber content. The fiber in chia seeds benefits you assume full for more extended periods. It increases satiety. The seeds absorb water in the abdomen and then expand, thereby defeating your appetite. And as a result, it can ultimately lead to weight loss.


Chia seeds have an abundance of antioxidants in them. The antioxidants are not just good for the cells, but for the skin as well, as they promote slow down the signs of aging. The antioxidants in chia seeds have also been observed to decrease the risk of cancer and heart disease.


Chia’s capacity to slow down digestion can be associated to diabetes prevention. The viscous coating chia seeds form can prevent spikes in the blood sugar levels.

Cholesterol Reduction

The fatty acids that present in chia seeds will help to reduce blood cholesterol and prevent coronary heart disease. The monounsaturated fats in chia seeds help decrease cholesterol levels.


Chia seeds are stuffed with B vitamins, zinc, iron, and magnesium, all of which serve to increase energy levels.


Chia seeds contain 19% protein. High-protein food can decrease hunger and promote satiety. As well the chia seeds include high-quality protein with all the essential amino acids.


Chia, considered a superfood, is supposed to enhance your mood in regular consumption. Omega-3 fatty acids present in chia seeds are linked with enhanced mood and behavior.


Increased consumption of calcium, manganese-rich foods, like chia seeds, can develop skeletal health, maintaining strong bones and teeth. Chia seeds are as well full of phosphorus, which also enhances bone health.


The presence of omega-3s, fiber, and protein present chia seeds one of the most beneficial anti-inflammatory foods out there.

Good sleep

There are two hormones are necessary for sleep; it is serotonin and melatonin. These two hormones are generated by tryptophan, an amino acid in the body. Chia seeds, remaining high in tryptophan, help good sleep and relaxation

How much Chia Seeds per day my cat can eat?

So how much chia seeds is accurate for your cats?

The dosage is pretty potent, with only one teaspoon for small cats or two teaspoons for large or 1/4 teaspoons for every 10 pounds of your cat’s body weight. When it comes to the way to serve chia seeds, it’s up to the pet owners to choose what works most suitable for their cat.

Chia seeds are stuffed with vital nutrition to boost your cat’s health, energy, and stamina. You don’t have to crush them to obtain their nutrients.

As I’ve already mentioned, the nutritional advantages are vital and include fiber, antioxidants, protein, vitamins A, B, E, and D, calcium, protein, and essential minerals.

The high protein content has a reducing impact on the appetite, which can be excellent for cats seeking to lose weight. Highly absorbent as well; they can help hydrate the body.

Chia is also an excellent source of α-linolenic acid, a type of omega-3 fatty acid. It helps improve heart health, effective digestion, and bone strength, as well as sustaining repair cell and tissue damage.

It has no taste or smell, so your kitty can merely eat it up.

With all these facts, I am pretty sure you are ready to give a try.

Can a cat have an allergy to Chia Seeds?

Usually, cats do not have a Chia seed allergy. It is a hypersensitivity reaction to chia seeds that happens due to the consumption of it in excess. However, chia seeds act as an allergen.

The allergy can be caused due to the malfunctioning of the immune system. Most of the cats do not react to chia seeds and are entirely okay eating it daily. Nevertheless, the immune system of some cats reacts unfavorably to chia proteins — it identifying them as exotic pathogens and starting an offensive against them.

The creation of antibodies causes this. These antibodies that are Immunoglobulin E engulf the exotic proteins and indicate the immune system to discharge histamines and other toxic chemicals, triggering allergic reactions throughout the body.

Allergic reaction to chia seeds can also happen due to cross-reactivity because of blending chia seeds with some other foods. It can be, for example, thyme, oregano, mustard, or sesame, which are familiar with chia. Thus, if a cat is allergic to any of these, it is apparent that it would be allergic to chia seed as well.

So always keep in mind whenever you feed your cat, make sure that the amount is not excessive, and the foods combined with chia seeds are not allergic to your cat.

How to give my cat Chia Seeds?

So, chia seeds are super nutritional, but the question is, how do you feed them to your cats?

The best way to include chia seeds into your cat’s diet is with its regular cat food. However, you must add chia seeds gradually in your cat’s diet. The reason is that chia seeds are loaded in nutrients and minerals that may irritate your cat’s diet if added suddenly.

You can serve your cat chia seeds whole or crushed. You can also soak them in water before giving them to your cat. Soaking chia seeds improve the release of nutrients and improve better digestion. When absorbed, it becomes a gel-like form. Upon ingestion of water-soaked chia, the extension of the stomach helps reduce the absorption of food.

The fiber content helps maintain the digestive area cleaned while absorbing toxins and increasing the peristaltic flow. Chia seeds are also excellent for constipation in cats. You can grind some chia seeds and add them into juices or milk and then pour the mix into the feeding bowl of your cat. Also, you can use chia seeds as enhancements in your cat’s daily meals and sprinkle the seeds on the top of the foods of your pet cat.

Can cats eat Chia Seeds - Conclusion

Can cats eat chia seeds? Definitely without any concern, as chia seeds are stuffed with essential vitamins and nutrients that your cat’s body requires to stay healthy and happy.

There’s no doubt that these tiny seeds are one heck of a superfood.

Chia seeds are becoming the latest trendy superfood for pets. It is recognized for its energy-boosting properties. To make it long short, it is healthy raw food with no other combined ingredients.

If you want to add something healthy to your cat’s diet, then you’ve got a solution. Extra nutrients without a bunch of excess calories and carbs sound great.

Chia seeds are easily available in your local stores everywhere, and you can also buy them online.

While you can buy either white or black chia seeds, have in your mind that there is little nutritional difference between the two seeds. They are affordable, extremely nutritious, gluten-free, and safe for your pet cat.

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  1. I adopted a 17 year old cat from a shelter. She was very sick, dehydrated and constipated. Now she is very perky and happy. One of the things I did to help her recover was to give her chia seeds. She loves the taste. I grind them up and add enough water to make it easy to drink and give it to her with her wet food. Now she has regular bowel movements. Also I noticed her whiskers grew in longer and thicker and she grew guard hairs which she didn’t have when I got her. I don’t know if the chia seeds helped with that but I do know I now have a healthy cat.

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