cat water bowl fountains

5 Best Cat Water Bowl Fountains in 2020. Reviews & Guide

Welcome to our page about the best cat water bowl fountains. We will be discussing not only about top products in 2020, but as well about the importance of drinking water for your feline friend. 

Have you noticed that every time you have to replenish the water in your cat water bowl, you see that there is nothing left? It can hardly happen that you understand the pot with no significant decrease in the water level? 

Are you starting to get anxious about your cat’s drinking habits? If you answered yes, then it is about time to get one of the best cat water bowl fountains

After reading our article, yours and your cat’s lives will turn around, and drinking water will never be a problem again. The water fountain is a fountain of health for your cat and peace of mind for you. Apart from reviews, I’ve prepared for you a little guide with some questions and answers.

  • 5 Best cat water bowl fountains
  • Why your cat should always drink?
  • Are water fountains good for cats?
  • Why cat water bowl fountain are necessary?
  • How do I get my cat to use a fountain?
  • How often should I clean my cat’s water fountain?
cat water bowl fountains

5 Best Cat Water Bowl fountains

#1. PetSafe Drinkwell Pagoda

The PetSafe Drinkwell Pagoda commended for having 360 degrees of access to water. Since the fountain can give water in all directions, it is said to be suitable for homes with multiple cats.

It has an adjustable water stream system, and you can choose the force of water your cat prefers. With its high water circulation, your cats will always be thirst-free and entertained.

PetSafe Drinkwell Pagoda

PetSafe Drinkwell Pagoda

  • Water capacity 70 oz (2 litters)
  • Hygienic friendly material
  • Well-known brand
  • 3 colors (red, blue, taupe)

Cats love chasing its strongly streamed water. They will even like to play around it.

This cat fountain can hold up to 2 liters of water. It has a removable carbon filter to ensure the water is always fresh and odor-free. You can choose from three different colors (red, blue, taupe).

Your cat will have the possibility to drink water from 2 levels. The shape of the fountain is ingenious as it has a higher platform where your cat can stand while drinking. And lover part where your cat can sit and enjoy freshwater.

Cats love to exercise their climbing skills, so the higher platform is a plus for them. Aside from the shape, users love how this fountain is durable and long-lasting.

PetSafe is an American brand with an outstanding reputation and over 30 years of history.

It is easy to clean as the top shelf can be washed in a dishwasher. The ceramic design is more hygienic friendly than, for example, plastic models.

#2. Pioneer Pet Raindrop Bowl Fountain

The best thing about Pioneer Pet Raindrop Fountain is that it is stainless-steel. Some cats are allergic to plastics. Other fur parents also prefer plastic-free accessories in their house. Stainless-steel is one of the best solutions in those cases.

Cats can drink from either the stream directly or from the basin. Since it is stainless-steel, cat owners love how it matches with the interior design of their house.

Pioneer Pet Raindrop Fountain

  • Water capacity 60 oz (1,7 litters)
  • Hygienic friendly material
  • Doesn’t make noice
  • Cheap filters 
  • Energy-efficient product
Pioneer Pet Raindrop Fountain for cats

This cat fountain is dishwasher safe and has a cord as long as seven feet that can be detached whenever the unit needs cleaning. The recommendation is to clean the fountain once a week. The pump must be cleaned as well but only once a month.

The basin can hold up to 60 ounces of water that will encourage your cat to drink more and more water.

Same as many other fountains, Pioneer Pet Raindrop has a filter. The filter helps to maintain the water fresh and odor-free and purified.

The water in this fountain flows gently, so if your cat is scared of noises, be sure this is the right choice.

You should change the filter every month, so it will be useful to order it same time with the fountain. The big plus of filters is that they are inexpensive. If you own more than 1-2 cats, you should do it more often.

It is an energy-efficient product which will not cost you much.

#3. Catit Water Bowl Cat Fountain

CATIT Water Fountain holds up to 3.0 Liters in its re-circulating system. Its smart mechanism has three water flow settings: gentle, bubbling, and calm. So you can choose the one that suits your cat the most.

It has water-softening triple action filters, which will remove bacteria and will guarantee fresh and odor-free water for your cat. To be more specific, filters help eliminating calcium and magnesium and chlorine from tap water. If all those minerals and bacterias accumulate in a cat’s body, it will lead to urinary tract diseases.

CATIT Water Fountain

CATIT Water Fountain

  • 100 oz – 3.0 Liters
  • Three water flows
  • Water level indicator
  • Tripple action filters
  • BPA-fee
  • Toy Packaging

The pump is energy-efficient, so you don’t have to worry about substantial additional bills at the end of the month. In case you hear a noise caused by the pump, it’s a signal for you to check the water level. You also have the option to check the water level by looking at the built-in plastic indicator.

For completing a cat’s dining area, you can buy additionally – Catit Multi Feeder, which is pocket friendly.

Many fur parents love the design of this water cat fountain. The fountain is easy to clean and maintain. It is made from BPA-free materials, which means it is not-toxic.

By its design, this fountain will encourage your cat to drink more water, which is a health essential.

If you decide to go for this product, don’t forget to buy the filters. Each filter will serve the fountain for one month.

At last, the fountain has a toy packaging. You can transform the cardboard into an interactive cat toy.

#4. Veken Automatic Cat Water Fountain

With a large water capacity up to 2.5 liters, many cat owners recommend this water fountain. It is a durable and long-lasting product that is great for households with one or multiple pets.

It is also noiseless, so your cat will not fear to get near it. It comes with a pad made of silicone where excess splashes of water will be caught to avoid the slippery floor.

Veken Automatic Water Fountain

  • 84oz – 2.4 litres
  • Noiseless
  • Three water flows
  • Tripple action filters
  • BPA-fee
Veken Automatic Cat Water Fountain

The flow of water is adjustable with a triple filtration system for water safety, so your feline always has access to fresh and clean water. The filters have a smart triple-layer solution to achieve the best results. The first layer is of high-quality cotton. The second one is from coconut shell activated carbon, and lastly, ion exchange resin.

As the filter contains carbon, you might see sediment at the bottom of the fountain. You don’t have to worry about it, because it won’t harm your cat. If you want to prevent this carbon dust, you can simply soak the filter for a few minutes inside the water, or rinse it.

It is a BPA free and made from high-quality thermoplastic polymer (PP resin).

The pump is energy efficient and will last for a minimum of 2,5 and up to 4 years. If you want your pump to last longer, you should clean the pump at least twice a month.

You should change the water and clean the fountain minimum once a week.

#5. iPettie Tritone Ceramic Pet Drinking Bowl Fountain

If your cat suffers from allergic to plastic, this Ceramic Fountain will be the right choice. It is a non-toxic and eco-friendly product with the capacity of two liters.

iPettie Tritone ceramic cat fountain is durable and long-lasting even if it weighs a little heavier than other bowl fountains mentioned here.

Ipettie Tritone Ceramic Pet Drinking Fountain

iPettie Tritone Ceramic Cat fountain

  • 71oz – 2.1 Liters
  • Three years warranty on a pump
  • Noiseless
  • Filtration system
  • High-quality material

Most of the parts of this drinking fountain are removable for easy cleaning. And it has a unique mechanical filtration system that avoids cat hair and other stuff to get into the pump.

The filter is purifying the water and removing odors. You should change the water and the filter every single week to prevent the bowl from becoming slimy. It is easy to clean and safe for dishwashing.

If you love traveling, iPettie Tritone ceramic bowl fountain is something you must have at home. It can supply the water for at least one week. Fountains are the best preventions from cats dehydration.

You will appreciate its noiseless effect and low power consumption, which is only 2W.

Due to the heavyweight, it will be impossible for your cat to knock this bowl fountain over.

Why Your Cat Should Always Drink?

If you are living with cats for a long time, you should already know that cats are picky drinkers.

They seldom touch their water bowls, or they don’t drink from it at all. And this is causing too much worry to fur parents. As we know, if our beloved cats don’t drink enough water, it could eventually lead to serious medical problems over time. One of the main dangers is the cat’s dehydration.

Dehydration is the first thing that you need to look out for. If your cat has been ditching the water bowl for the longest time, there is a chance of dehydration. If not now, then absolutely at some point in her life.

Two-thirds of our body, as well as any other mammals, is composed of water. Water gives electrolytes to our bodies to use it for energy and almost all cellular activities happening in our system.

And if your cat will not drink enough water, the body loses the liquid from her daily activities. Cat’s body will require replenishing. The electrolyte level will be depleted up to the point that systems in the body could no longer function well.

When this happens, the body becomes weak, and other complications may arise.

Severe dehydration can even lead to death if not addressed and medicated right away. This is why you must look after your cat’s drinking habits. Can you see how much drinking water is vital to your cat’s everyday routine: it can cause her life.

Other medical illnesses that your cat may develop in not drinking enough water are – Urinary Tract Infection, kidney stones, and other kidney diseases.

Water plays an essential role in helping the body filter the toxins. Without the right amount of water, the body will not function as it is supposed to.

Water, as scientists call it, is the source of life. In both humans and cats, water is a necessity for our survival. So we need to encourage our cats in drinking more water not just for the risks it poses but, more importantly, to the health benefits it offers.

Are water fountains good for cats?

To encourage cats not to skip their water regimen, pet lovers invent an ingenious mechanism for water drinking: cat water bowl fountains.

It makes drinking water fun for your cat, and it has a long list of health benefits too.

Cat water bowl fountains help your cat to stay hydrated, healthy, and happy.

While the usual water bowls are alright, researchers have revealed why they will not work for your beloved cat. They said that studying the nature of cats, starting from their wild ancestor, they instinctively avoid still and stagnant water.

The reason behind it is astounding. Cats avoid water that is still because they associate it with dirt and toxic. Thus they have an inkling that it is unsafe to drink and will cause them harm.

And this is the reason why cats always look for the sound of running water. Running water, on the other hand, signals them a potable and fresh drinking source.

cat is drinking tap water

So now you realize why your cat runs after you when you are heading to the bathroom. You think that your cat is just clingy, but then see how patiently your cat is waiting for you to turn the faucet on.

Once the water is flowing out the faucet, you thought that she is trying to play with the water. What a playful cat, right? But in reality, she is not just a playful cat but a thirsty feline. What a poor cat? Cats always prefer running water, and since they think it is unsafe to drink in their water bowls, the only chance they could get to drink from moving water is when a tap is turned on. Unless, you have a river inside your home.

But what if your cat will be left alone and no one is in the house to go to the bathroom. Your cat will stay with a bowl of water that scares her to death, so she will thirst herself until you come back so she can drink fresh water again.

What if you are out for several days? Will your cat ever drink? With the cat water bowl fountain, she absolutely will!

It is so good that nowadays you can solve a lot of problems with modern inventions.

These fountains are attached to faucets or water sources to deliver fresh water for your cats without the need for you to turn it on. It is like an automatic food feeder, but it has water instead.

Serving your feline with fresh running water will not be as hard as installing the fountain. It will work for itself. With the water fountain, you get to stop using the usual cat bowls with stagnant water and offer your beloved cat the sought after running water.

Now you understand why cats don’t feel like drinking or finishing up the water in their cat bowls, it is time to know more about the benefits of cat water bowl fountain.

Why Cat Water Bowl Fountain are Necessary

Some localities don’t have safe water running through their pipes. Other times, water going through the pipelines is not potable for drinking. Even if it is drinkable, it may still contain a lot of chlorine, bacteria, and magnesium.

Thus water from the faucet would be unsafe for your feline. One of the many benefits of using a cat water bowl fountain is serving your cat clean filtered water, which is safe for drinking.

Cat fountain comes with a system of filtration, which ensures the safety of water it delivers to your feline.

Since it is automatic, you can leave it plugged in, and you never have to worry about your cat dehydration. You only need to look after the water level in the fountain. As well every week, you must wash the bowl and change the filter. Or whatever schedule the brand manual recommends.

Aside from the fact that cats prefer running water over still water, they also love the thrill of chasing the water movements and playing with it. So the water bowl fountain will be a little entertainment as well.

Not only it encourages your cat to drink more, but it also promotes physical activities that can maintain your cat’s health and fitness. Also, it can lessen your cat’s stress and boredom.

And last but not the least advantage of having a cat water bowl fountain is saving your cat’s whiskers from soaking in water. You may ask why you should be bothered about it. Well, you must know that cats hate having their hairs soaked to water or touched by anything in general.

Cats, in general, find it stressful when their whiskers are moved unintentionally and without purpose.

How do I get my cat to use a fountain?

Don’t worry at all! Cats are designed to drink moving or running water. Since the time of their wildcat ancestors, this behavior has been noticeable to the feline family.

It is but just a considerable proof why their species have survived – because they avoid unclean water. Your cat will directly approach the water bowl fountain first instead of the water bowl with stagnant water.

Even if the cat has been drinking from that bowl for the whole life, she can quit it. It is inherent and instinct for your car to go to a freshwater source.

But if this is not the case, remove or keep your current or old water bowl so that your cat will not be confused and will only have one water source to focus into. It is also helping your cat to learn the new routine faster.

Another tip to make sure you’ll cat will use the cat water bowl fountain is to avoid placing the cat water bowl fountain near the food source.

One of the cat’s inherited instincts it dragging the prey they killed away from their water source. As they know, the remains of the dead victim might contaminate the water.

They fear that dirt and bacteria will get into the water, and the water will eventually be unsafe for them to drink. So to help your cat not to stress about it, place the cat water bowl fountain away or not too close to where you put the meal.

For the same reason of cat instinct, do not place the cat water bowl fountain anywhere near your cat’s litter box. Cats always fear their water can be contaminated; that is why they avoid water near the place where they move their body waste.

Even us, humans, find that gross! Now, if all of these still failed, do not be disheartened and do not quit. You can always use the power of treats.

Just place a piece or two of your cat’s favorite treat on top of the fountain or directly where the water will come out. In this way, your cat will be more thrilled to try out this new mechanism in the house. Your cat will feel that going to the fountain is good behavior, and she will get a reward for doing it.

There is so much to love about the cat water bowl fountain. It is not just healthy for your cat. It is exciting and easy to use! It is also beneficial for you as it will require you less effort to maintain it.

How often should I clean my cat’s water fountain?

Cleaning your cat’s water fountain depends on the material of the product. If you want to know exactly when to clean the bowl fountain, have a look at the instruction. Each brand has its own recomendation.

However, from the products and brands I’ve already reviewed, I can say you have to clean the bowl fountain every week. As well once a week, you have to change the filter. 

Generally, fountains are not required to be cleaned every so often. But the filters, especially those removable once, should be cleaned or replaced as needed. It is to ensure that the water is always clean and safe for your fur baby.

Some fountains are dishwasher safe, so you can always clean them as needed. Still, instead of thinking about when to clean the fountain, it is better to maintain its cleanliness. To keep your cat’s water bowl fountain clean, avoid placing it where it could quickly get dirty.

Cats are not meant to drink moderately. Your cat should drink plenty. Encourage your cat to drink and be healthy with the right cat water bowl fountain. You will never regret getting one!

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