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9 Best Christmas Costumes For Cats in 2019. Review

Welcome to our all-inclusive, Christmas costumes for cats, review! Christmas is right around the corner. The streets line with lights and sounds filling neighborhoods with glee and cheer. Excitement looms as people’s mind fill with thoughts of opening gifts on Christmas morning. 

Preparing for the Holidays might be a momentous occasion for humans. Your pet cat might find it confusing as to why you’re changing decorations. 

Bring that holiday cheer to your feline family member by letting it wear costumes. Remember, you can dress your cat for the occasion. You can find miniature Christmas costumes for pets on different retailers. These getups include Santa hats, reindeer horns, and elf outfits. 

But, different costumes come from varying sellers. It might become challenging for pet owners to find the “purrfect” kitty Christmas attire. 

Thankfully, you’re here right now. We already did the research for you. So, all you need to do is continue reading to know our list of the Best Christmas costumes for cats

We made this list while thinking about the different factors to consider. We thought about the material, design, and price to help you choose the right holiday attire for your cat. 

After reading through the list, you should arrive at a sound decision as to which outfit to choose. Yes, the holidays are fast approaching. But, it doesn’t mean you should make hasty decisions for your cat’s Christmas costume. 

Think about each costume, and see if they fit your pet in both aesthetics and comfort. Now, without further ado, here’s the list for the best Christmas costumes for cats (in no particular order). 

9 Best Christmas costumes for cats in 2019

Doggie Style Store Christmas Reindeer Cat Costume

Doggie Style Christmas cat costume
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Perhaps, your furry feline friend needs extra warmth during the holidays. The cold weather might not be with giggles when you have chattering teeth. But, your cat might find it difficult to keep warm during the winter nights. 

It could be that Doggie Style thought about this predicament when they created this Christmas Reindeer Cat Costume. Well, it’s more of a cat sweater than a holiday getup. 

Nonetheless, this kitty sweater is available in different sizes. You can select from XXXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL size variations. 

To measure your cat, use a measuring tape for this procedure. Start at its chest at the widest point. Then, wrap the measuring tool around until you return to the starting point. 

As for its design, the happy face of Rudolph on the sweater is sure to bring smiles to pets and its owners. A heartwarming comfort may fill your soul as you glance upon Rudolph’s heart-shaped nose on the fabric. 

This costume is quite easy to put on as well. Well, provided that your cat doesn’t frisk when you’re trying to put on its clothing. Still, once worn, your feline companion will appreciate the extra warmth you bring for the holidays through this costume. 

However, it has specific wash instructions. Yes, it’s machine washable. But, don’t use cold water for the wash. Instead, use water at a lukewarm temperature to avoid making the fabric shrink. 

At the end of the day, your cat may rub its body against your leg as if it’s saying, “Thank you for the present.” 

Enjoying Adjustable Santa Claus Costume for Pets

Santa Claus costume for cats
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Spread ho-ho-holiday excitement in your household by making your cat wear a Santa outfit. 

This Santa Claus costume from Enjoying comes with an adjustable cloak. In fact, the package has a tiny hat to complete the getup. But, the only things missing are a gift sack and a pot belly. Still, your feline friend might have the latter. 

The cloak’s shape denotes an aristocratic aesthetic. It’s an ideal choice for cats that seem like they’re the kings and queens of households. Next, the back of the cloak has two hair balls. As for its front, it has a cute little bell that chimes as your pet prances about the abode. 

Both the hat and cloak has adjustable straps. Hence, this Christmas costume can fit a range of small to large kitties. However, the default size of the material might be too large for newly-born kittens. However, adult feline sizes might not become a challenge when trying to wear this outfit. 

The material of the outfit is that of a thickened fleece. It offers a soft, plushy feeling that your pet will surely love. The fabric may also provide extra warmth, which is perfect for the cold holiday season. 

As a bonus, you can also make your pet dog wear this Santa getup. But, the size of the cloth might only fit small dogs at best. If you have a large dog like a Great Dane or an Alaskan malamute, then this Santa Claus costume won’t fit. 

Thankfully, many cat breeds can fit into this adjustable Santa Claus costume. But, you might want to remove the cloak at night. Otherwise, the outfit’s bell might keep you awake as your cat walks about your home. 

Bolbove Santa Suit for Male Cats and Dogs

Bolbove Santa Suit for Male Cats
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Santa Claus outfits may not be scarce during the holidays. You might see people wearing Santa outfits in malls and streets. But, you can also have a mini-Santa in your home with Bolbove’s costume. 

This Santa Suit for pets is more than a holiday cloak. In fact, it gives your cat a pair of arms. Well, your pet can’t use these arms. But, you can still take pictures of your Santa Cat with this cute outfit. You might even want to post the photo on your social media account. 

This Christmas costume is available in different sizes. So, it might be an ideal fit for your toy, small, medium, large, or extra-large kitty. Its size might also fit your pup or small-sized dog. Also, it might be advisable to get this Santa outfit one size larger than your cat. That way, you may not need to buy another holiday getup if your feline grows during the season. 

Open the package and you’ll find:

  • One Santa Claus Outfit
  • One Santa Hat
  • One Silver Keychain

Like humans, cats have different personalities. So, your feline companion might not move around as much when wearing this costume. The arms may also pose as a hindrance when the pet wants to lie down. 

Nonetheless, let you feline family member wear this costume. Watch as the pet prances around your dwelling while trying to act like Santa Claus. The cute human-like arms add to the amusement brought by this getup. Show your kitty wearing this costume on Christmas day. Now, watch as people go “Aww” upon seeing the small Santa. 

Best Seller Santa Cloak for Pets

Santa Cloak for Pets
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Many cats like the feeling of majesty. Let your cat enhance that sensation when wearing this Santa Cloak. 

The Best Seller Santa Cloak for pets has a 10.6-inch length. Also, this length should fit cats or dogs of about 6 to 9 pounds. But, it means that it won’t fit many pets. Hence, make sure to measure your pet before ordering this Christmas costume. 

Remember, this costume is ideal for small pets. Hence, you might also consider making your pet rabbit wear this outfit. 

Now, in this package, you’ll find a pet cloak. Furthermore, this cloth comes with a built-in hood. The material of this cloth comes from a high-quality fabric. It’s soft and comfortable, and it’s an ideal choice for pets with sensitive skin. 

The cap emanates a sense of nobility when worn by your pet feline. You can adjust the length of the fabric to a maximum of 26 inches. But, be mindful of the adjustment. Otherwise, your kitty might find the fabric too heavy to move. 

Furthermore, the cloak has easy-to-adjust straps. Pulling these bands will tighten the cloth around the neck. Make sure to tighten this area to provide a secure yet comfortable fit. Don’t pull the strings too tight. Otherwise, your poor kitty might choke. 

Decorate your pet for the holidays with this red cloak. With it, this costume brings an extra festive atmosphere to your home. Spend hours of fun with your cat when they’re wearing this getup. You might even set your pet up for a photoshoot while it’s wearing this noble Christmas getup. 

Fast and Good Santa Christmas Suit and Reindeer Antler Hat for Pets

Santa Christmas Suit and Reindeer Antler Hat for cat
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Perhaps, you don’t want a full-blown Santa outfit for your pet cat. Instead, you might want a simple getup for your feline. 

So, consider the Fast and Good Santa Christmas outfit. This package contains:

  • One Holiday-themed Muffler
  • One Santa Hat
  • One Elk Antlers Hat

The material of the muffler is a soft, plushy polar fleece. Your cat can use this fabric for extra comfort. Watch as your feline purrs in thanks for the comfortable present. The comfy muffler may also bring additional warmth. Thus, it’s an excellent gift for the cold holiday season. 

The size of the muffler fits most small pets. So, you can let your pet cat, dog, or rabbit wear this getup. The hat has a height of 6.3 inches and a length of 4.7 inches. These dimensions make it suitable for head circumferences of 13.4 to 15.7 inches. 

As for the scarf, it has a length of 18 inches. So, it’s a good fit for neck sizes of 10 to 12 inches. This muffler might not fit medium- to large-sized pets. So, it’s best to double-check your cat’s neck size before adding this item to your online shopping cart. 

Complete the festive occasion by letting your feline friend wear this simple Santa outfit. Aside from Christmas morning, this holiday getup for your pet is also ideal for other occasions. Let your kitty wear it on photoshoots, parties, or simple get-togethers with friends. 

But, what if you want to change the costume? That might not be a problem! All you need to do is switch the Santa hat with the elk antlers. Now, you have a reindeer-looking cat prancing around your house. Perhaps, the only thing left is a small sleigh.

Wiz BBQT Cute Santa Hat and Cloak Pet Costume

Christmas cat costumes
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Splash a bit of green on your cat during a season filled with red with this Santa costume. Wiz BBQT sells this Santa hat and cloak combo with a green bowtie. Let your cat wear this ensemble. Now, watch as it becomes cuter and more attractive than befo0re. 

This Santa hat and cloak is made out of a soft material. Your pet will find it comfortable to wear. Also, it comes with a free measuring tape to help you record the size of your pet. 

This Christmas costume comes in three sizes. These dimensions can fit most cats. Also, your small- to medium-sized dog can wear this costume. But, it might not be possible for large dogs to fit into this outfit. 

Furthermore, it’s essential to note that the green bowtie isn’t as durable as the cloak. Take good care of the green bow upon removing it from the package. Otherwise, it might break. 

Furthermore, the bowtie is a separate item. Hence, it doesn’t attach to the Santa cloak. Your cat might play with the bow, and it may loosen or break. Consider keeping an eye on your kitty for a few minutes when it’s their first time wearing the getup. You might also take a few pictures of your Santa Cat while you’re at it.

Your cat might feel confused once they wear this outfit. But, the costume’s comfort will make your pet think otherwise. Give it a few minutes, and you’ll see your pet happily lounging around while spreading holiday cheer with this cute outfit.  

SATINIOR Christmas Cat Costume

SATINIOR Christmas Cat Costume
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This cat costume takes a different approach when compared to the other items on this list. First, it has a collar reminiscent of Santa’s little helper. Also, this part of the costume has little bells attached to it. So, your cat might be part of a “Jingle Bells” melody with this suit. 

Now, the package contains the festive collar and a Santa hat. Both pieces of the costume come with comfortable materials. The pet collar comes with a polyester construction, whereas the hat is coral fleece. Both materials are soft to the touch. So, most cats shouldn’t move around too much while wearing this getup. 

But, this Christmas costume is only ideal for small pets. A large cat or dog might not fit into the collar or hat. A cat with a neck circumference of about 8 to 17 inches should fit into the collar. Next, the Santa hat should fit heads with a 7-inch circumference. 

Both items are also machine-washable. So, the entire holiday ensemble is easy to clean. But, the bells on the collar might create a racket while they’re inside the appliance. Thus, you might consider hand-washing the collar to avoid the unwanted noise.  

Use this Christmas collar and hat combination on your pet for a range of occasions. Let your pet be the life of the holiday event when they’re wearing this getup. Bring your feline friend wearing this cute and festive combination during birthdays, family photoshoots, or play dates. 

With this cat Christmas costume, your household now has its Santa’s little helper. 

FLAdorepet Elk Antler Hat for Pets

FLAdorepet Elk Antler Hat for Pets
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You might want your cat to wear other Christmas costumes besides letting it dress as Santa Claus. After all, there are other holiday symbols out there. For instance, you might want your feline pet to be part of Santa’s present-carrying crew. 

Instead, consider this elk antler hat from FLAdorepet. This Christmas costume is ideal for small, medium, and large-sized cats and dogs. But, it’s still essential to measure your pet before buying this item. 

The hairpiece comes with fuzzy fabric ears. Also, it’s complete with a small band at the top sporting a few flowers and leaves. The hairband is also soft enough as it won’t crush your pet’s head. Also, the ends of the bands have elastic bands which you can adjust. So, you don’t have to worry about the costume falling off of your pet’s head. 

Also, this item’s weight is roughly 0.11 pounds. Hence, kitty won’t find the weight too overbearing while it’s moving around your house.  

As for the antlers, these pieces have iron wires inside. These features allow the horns to stay upright even when your feline shakes a lot. 

However, take note that the antlers may get in the way during certain occasions. For example, your cat can’t rest with its head resting on a surface because of the antlers. So, consider the welfare of your pet while it’s wearing this costume. Don’t make it adorn the antlers for the long periods, especially kitty wants to rest.

Nonetheless, this cat head ornament can be the perfect addition to photoshoots and Christmas parties. 

RYPET Cat Christmas Costume

RYPET Cat Christmas Costume
Click on the picture to check the actual price

Other Christmas costumes for cats symbolize the holiday through the ensemble. But, why not bring Santa to your cat instead?

Enter the RYPET Cat Christmas Costume. With this outfit, Santa quite literally sits atop your cat. A depiction of the famous Christmas spirit is on the hat. Also, it comes with straps so the headwear doesn’t come off easily. 

The costume also comes with a cat collar with a festive design. It also comes with bells that jingle as your pet prances around the area. The comfortable polyester material might not hinder your cat’s relaxation time. Also, the collar is short enough that it won’t inhibit the pet’s mobility. 

Furthermore, the strap on the collar makes it easy for your kitty to wear it. Also, you shouldn’t have too much trouble trying to take it off of your pet. 

Unlike other items on thus list, this cat costume is only available in one size variation. Nonetheless, the outfit should fit most small- to medium-sized cats and dogs. 

The collar’s diameter is 7.9 inches, but it can extend up to 17.7 inches. As for the hat, it has a circumference of up to 16.5 inches. 

Let your pet cat wear this festive costume at home or in events. Make your feline companion the life of the party by helping you spread holiday cheer. Watch as the crowd draws its attention to your furry friend as it flaunts its hat with a little Santa on it. The costume even comes with six bells to create and spread that joyful vibe. 

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