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10 Best Extra Large Cat Beds in 2020. All-inclusive Reviews

Do you have a large cat, and you need an extra-large bad for your furry friend? Then you are in the right place. We have reviewed Best 10 Extra large cat beds for 2020.

Are you bothered with all the fur your cat leave on your pillow or your blanket? Do you feel startled out of fear when you see your black feline behind your curtains in the middle of the night? If you are troubled by your cat’s sleeping location, then now is the best time in buying a unique cozy bed your feline can call her own.

There are so many beds on the market, but which one is the best? How to choose the right bed, and where should it be placed? We are here to help you.

Cats are generalized to be lazy pets. But we can’t blame them for it. It is in their nature to slumber all day long. Out of 24 hours of your cat’s day, around 15 hours of it is for sleeping and napping. Do you know that cats are crepuscular?

They are not nocturnal nor diurnal, so day and night do not dictate their sleeping pattern. They could be wide awake during either time. But as has been observed, cats are the most active few moments before bedtime and a few moments before sunrise.

Have a look at the 10 Best Extra Large Cat Beds in 2020. Those are the really the best choices according to the size and quality. I believe you will be able to find the most suitable one for your furry friend.

10 Best Extra Large Cat beds

#1. Extra Large Petsure Self Warming Cat Bed 25'' x 21'' x 9''

This large cat bed is perfect for those cats that prefer more space and comfort. The bed is in a beautiful modern grey color, which is universal and will surely suit your home design.

Large Petsure Self Warming Cat Bed

Large Petsure Self Warming Cat Bed

  • Universal – can be used in winter or summer.
  • Machine Washable
  • Non-slip bottom
  • Self-warming
  • Size: 25” x 21” x 9”
  • (63,5  x 53,3 x 22,8 cm)

Cons – no shelter

Your feline friend will appreciate the height of it, which is 9″ (almost 23 cm). As well as you see from the picture, the entrance size is lower, which will help your cat to get in and out with ease.

The non-slip bottom will prevent bed moving while your kitty is jumping into it.

It has a perfectly round shape, which is very comfortable, especially if your cat loves to curl up. This large Petsure cat bed is self-warming. Your kitty will love it, especially in the wintertime. Soft plush on one side and water-resistant fabric on the other side makes this bed perfect to use in winter and summer. Reverse the bed according to the weather and climate.

The sleeping area is very soft and comfortable because it is stuffed with fluffy polyester fibers.

It is effortless to clean as you can wash it directly in a washing machine— no need to worry about bed deformation. Even after many washes, the bed’s shape will remain the same.

It is not a one-piece bed. The sleeping cushion in the middle of the bed is detachable. So, no need to wash the whole bed all the time, you can clean only the sleeping mat.

#2. Extra Large Teepee House - Cat Bed 28'' x 24''

This beautiful and luxurious house will be a great choice if your cat loves to hide and sleep in enclosed places.

Extra Large TeePee House

  • Extra Large size 28″x24″ (71cm x 60cm)
  • Beautiful Design
  • Quality Materials
  • Easy to clean
  • Machine Washable

Cons – Simple mat.

The design of this gorgeous tent will surely match any corner in your house. It is a multifunctional, two in one: cats bed and a little home at the same time. The teepee can be easily folded, just like an umbrella, and stored. So you don’t have to worry about extensive dismantling while cleaning your house.

If you are often traveling with your fluffy friend, you can also take it with you for the holidays. Your kitty will feel much safe and comfortable in any place.

It is easy to clean; you can use the washing machine or wash it in hands.

The next thing you will appreciate is the Teepee quality. The sturdy framework will prevent the tent from collapsing. It is made from 100% cotton canvas, which is a high-quality material.

With the package, you will get the wooden poles, canvas tent, Pom Pom pad & instruction.

The size of this TeePee is really enormous. It is 28″ tall and has 24″ diameter. It can be a great choice if you own two cats or one large cat like a Maine Coon, Savannah, or Siberian cat. The recommended weight of a cat is up to 12kg.

#3. JOYELF Self-Warming Cat Bed Extra Large 32" x 16"

Here is another extra-large Cat Bed, which is 32″ inches long and 16″ inches wide. You can also call this bed as a sleeping mat or sleeping sack.

JOYELF Self-Warming Cat Bed

  • Extra Large size 32″x16″ (81cm x 40cm)
  • Self-Warming
  • Good Price
  • Non-slippery bottom

Cons – washable in hands.

A great velvet material makes this bed very cozy and, at the same time, self-warming. Your feline friend will enjoy sleeping there in wintertime. On hot days your kittie cat can relax outside, next to the entrance area.

A metal circle supports the entrance and prevents from collapsing the bed. Your cat will be able to get inside and outside with ease; she can choose whether to go deep inside and hide or to relax outside.

The bed has a non-slippery bottom which prevents from moving. It would be best if you washed this bed in hands; however, you can do a tumble drying.

Compare to other products; the price is affordable for everyone.

You can also easily store this bed

#4. Extra Large HACHIKITTY Washable Donut Cat Bed 24"

This beautiful fluffy donat is the next great choice for your cat. A newly improved model has no more zips, removable cover, or separated mat, which makes it easy to use and wash.


  • Extra Large size 24″x 24 x 7″ (60cm x 17cm)
  • Machine Washable
  • Waterproof
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non-slippery bottom

Cons – no shelter.

Extra Large HACHIKITTY Donut Cat Bed

You can choose it in two different colors and sizes. The size of an extra-large model is 24″ in diameter, which is almost 61 cm — absolutely great choice for two cats or one big cat.

HACHIKITTY Donut is washable and made from a piece of magnificent waterproof oxford fabric. You can wash it in the machine without worrying about the shape deformation.

If you are an owner of a cat that has allergies, this bed might be the right choice as its a hypoallergenic.

The sides of this bed are a bit raised, which makes the border comfortable to support the head.

Same as in previous models, this bed has a non-slippery bottom. The inner parts are very thick, which will give your cat even more comfort.

#5. K&H Thermo-Kitty Heated Deluxe Cat Bed

This luxury bed is thermo-heated, which is an excellent option, especially for wintertime.

K&H Pet Products self-warming bed

K&H Thermo-Kitty Heated Bed 

  • Large size 20″x 20″ (50cm)
  • Machine Washable
  • Zip-off hood
  • Heating pad
  • Multi-seasonal

Cons – should be placed next to the plug.

You can get this bed in two different colors and sizes. I am sure the one you are searching for right now is a large bed. The large model is 20″ in diameter, which is approximately 50 cm. It is the right size for a big cat.

It has a removable zip-off hood, which will make your cat feeling more comfortable and safe. You can keep the hood attached in more cold days, or remove entirely in hot days, which make this bed multifunctional and multi-seasonal.

It is easy to clean as the cover is fully removable. The bed consists of a sleeping surface pillow, border, hood, and the heating pad, which is inside the pillow. So if you want to wash it, you must unzip all parts and pull out the heating pad, which is not washable. Also, you must remove foam walls that shouldn’t be washed in the machine, but still, you can wash it in hands.

The heater is only 4 watts, and it will heat the bed from 10 up to 15 degrees over room temperature.

In wintertime, you should place the bed next to the plug, that’s the only disadvantage.

#6. Wool Cat Cave and Bed - eco-friendly. Extra Large 20"

This original hand-made cat cave will surely please your cat and yourself for many reasons. First of all, it is made from a quality 100% Merino Wool which is very attractive for cats as it reminds them of a mother. Secondly, it is multi-seasonal. In wintertime, wool will guarantee warmness; in summer, it will be cooling your cat. Wool is very well known for its temperature regulation features.

Eco-Friendly Wool Cat Cave 

  • Large size 20″x 20″ (50cm)
  • Machine Washable
  • Odor Resistant
  • Fire Resistant
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Multi-seasonal

Cons – price.

eco-friendly wool cat bed extra large

Why is merino wool so special? Because it is one of the most incredible and multifunctional material. It is a natural, high-quality fiber that is odor resistant. As well it is a fire Resistant, can start melting only from 320 degrees, which is another incredible quality.

The wool is a very durable material and easy to clean. You can wipe the dirt with a wet sponge if the bed is too dirty wash it in a machine but at a wool friendly program.

Your cat will fail in love with it because it is very soft and cozy.

This Eco-Friendly cat bed will be an excellent choice for the cat with allergies.

You can choose it in a few colors. As it is hand-made, you might even have a chance to ask for a tailor-made one, which will suit your cat the best.

To make sure your kitty will be happy, she will get a gift — an organic cotton bag with Certified USDA Organic Catnip.

#7. LUCKITTY Cat Bed & Tunnel 36"

The LUCKITTY cat tunnel and bed is another excellent creativity in the world of cat’s accessories.

LUCKITTY Cat Tunnel Bed 6 FT Diameter

LUCKITTY Cat Bed & Tunnel 

  • Extra Large size 36″(91cm)
  • High Quality Material
  • Multifunctional – sleeping bed and toy
  • Sleeping mat is machine washable

Cons – makes a bit of noice.

This original and multifunctional bed will serve your cat for sleeping and for playing. Your cat will adore this huge soft donat.

It is made from a high-quality flannel material, which is soft but durable at the same time. LUCKITTY consists of a sleeping mat and a tunnel. You can join both of them together, and you will get an extra large donat bed, which is suitable for large cats. Your kitty will be able to run around inside the donut.

You can also separate the parts (unzip them), and your cat can enjoy a tunnel with three entrances, you can make an S shape or straight. The total length is 98″ almost 250 centimeters. That’s really long :). The diameter of the hole is 9.8,” which is approximately 25 centimeters.

Despite its enormous size (36″ in diameter), you can easily collapse and store it. You can also wash the sleeping pad in a washing machine. However, the tunnel needs to be cleaned in hands; here, you must be a bit creative.

If you are planning to put this bed in a sleeping room, keep in mind that the lining of the bed “crunches” a bit.

#8. MEOWFIA Premium - Eco Friendly 100% Merino Wool

MEOWFIA is another creative, hand-made, and eco-friendly cat bed. It will perfectly match any house decor as it has an original design.

MEOWFIA Eco-Friendly Wool Cat Cave 

  • Extra Large size 21″ (55cm) x 17″ (42) x 8″(20cm)
  • Odor Resistant
  • Fire Resistant
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Multi-seasonal

Cons – price.

MEOWFIA Premium - Eco Friendly 100% Merino Wool

This large cat bed size is Double Extra Large, which can house two or three medium-sized cats. It is cave-like, which is perfect for your shy and dark-loving feline. Soft wool, which by the way, reminds of mom’s fur, will make your cat feeling safe and comfortable.

You can choose from 4 different colors. It is hand-made to ensure your cat’s comfort in every inch. The cat house is also felted, which is a favorite of cats when it comes to texture.

This Premium MEOWFIA large bed is one of the biggest on the market, from all wool felted caves. It is the perfect choice for a Maine coon cat. It has 21″ (55 cm) diameter, 17″ (42 cm) height and the entrance is 8″ (20 cm)

Same as the previous merino cave, it is easy to clean. However, if you are thinking about using a washing machine, it is not much recommended as it can change its original shape. The best way to wash it is in hands and dry it on the towel.

The wool is very well known as hypoallergenic, self-cleaning, and odor-resistant material. At the same time, it’s very soft and cozy stuff.

#9. Armarkat Cat Bed Large 21'' x 20''

Cozy and soft Armarkat Extra Large cat bed is the next option you should consider for your fluffy friend. Armarkat is a very well known company that produces mainly cat beds and cat trees. With over 20 years of experience, they are recognized as one of the most reliable brands for their quality pet products.

Armarkat Cat Bed  

  • Extra Large size 21″ (55cm) x 20″ (50) x 13″(33cm)
  • Well Designed
  • Multi-seasonal
  • Waterproof 

Cons – the hood is not stable.

Armarkat Bed will perfectly match your modern house’s interior design as this bed looks luxurious.

It is suitable for two cats or one large size cat. It is 21″ wide, which is approximately 53 centimeters and 13″ high (33 cm).

It is waterproof and made from soft velvet fabric, which is easy to clean. You can wash it in a machine, and no need to worry about shape deformation. The bed stuffed with a 100% polyester fill, which will guarantee maximum comfort for your cat.

This bed is multiseasonal as the hood is attachable. In the summertime, you can unzip the shelter; when its a winter season, you can join it back.

The only CON is that the hood is not much stable, and your cat might often be sitting on it. Despite this, I am more than sure she will still love this bed and feel like a queen.

#10. SPOT Ethical Cat Cuddle Cave & Bed - 22"

The last Extra large cat bed in this top 10 list is a SPOT Ethical Cat Cuddle cave & bed. .

SPOT Ethical Cat Bed  

  • Extra Large size 22″ (55cm) x 17″ (43) x 10″(25cm)
  • Very soft
  • Pet-Friendly 
  • Waterproof 

Cons – not the best for the summer

SPOT Ethical Cat Cuddle Cave & Bed

This tunnel looking bed mimics a fluffy house roof, which will go perfectly with your house interior. To style it up, even more, you can choose from different colors for the perfect matchup.

The fabric’s texture is 100% pet-friendly. As you can guess from the picture, it is super soft, but at the same time strong enough to keep the right shape without collapsing if you use it for a cat.

Your cat will undoubtedly feel safe in this private home, especially in the wintertime.

It is a machine washable, and the durable fabric that is built-in inside will guarantee the shape won’t clump or shift.

It is a one-piece bed, 22″ long, 17″ wide and 10″ tall. This bed is perfect for two cats, some of the customers sharing their positive experience in accomodating two small dogs. However, many people recommend this bed more for cats. Dogs are more massive and love to explore, run, and
chew, and due to that, this bed can collapse.

Sleep is an essential element of ours and our pets. But we can say that it is more vital to cats since they spend more time sleeping. With this being said, cats deserve cozy beds that perfectly fit not just their size but, most importantly, their personality. So you don’t need to think twice about getting that large cat bed you liked from the list. Your cat’s happiness is worth every penny.

What Type of Bed Do Cats Prefer?

Each cat is different. But some of the characteristics of a cat can be referenced to the cats breed. Some cats want more solitude than the others, so an enclosed bed will suit them. Others prefer more space and don’t want to feel nuzzled.

Felines love climbing as it is in their nature to hunt prey in trees. For this reason, most cats prefer elevated beds.

The first rule is to know your cat to decipher the best cat bed for her. The type of bed that your cat will prefer highly depends on her characteristics and traits.

Ultimately, cats want to feel warmth, comfort, and safety, especially while they are sleeping. These are the most important aspects of cat beds that you should always take into consideration.

Where Should I Put My Cats Bed?

In finding that sweet spot for your cat, you must consider the following factors:


Observe her preference and favorite places. You must know your feline. To choose the perfect location and bed for her, discover her liking and inclination. 

If your cat loves to hide, then you can select cave-like beds. In case your cat currently owns a space in your house, this is the best spot you should place the bed. 

Aside from the fact that it is her favorite place, it will not be difficult for her to change her routine by changing the location of where she usually sleeps. 

However, if your cat currently sleeps inside the laundry basket or under your couch, the extra large cat bed wily not fit in there. You must look for another space.


In finding the location for your cat’s bed, always keep in mind that “safety first.” You should place the cat bed in an area where it is away from pathways or zones in your house where people usually walk in. You would not want to step on your cat’s perfect furry-tail in the middle of the dark, would you?


Pets, in general, want warmth. For the location of your cat bed, find a spot in your house that is a little warmer. The warm temperature will help your cat snuggle herself to sleep. It is also essential to consider the season. If it’s winter, a place near the fireplace will be perfect. But if it’s summer, or if the climate in your city is always humid, you could decide to place the cat bed in a cool spot.


As already mentioned, cats love climbing, and placing their bed in a higher platform will encourage their climbing skills. 

Elevation does not necessarily mean that the bed should be high. 

It is still best to know your cat well and observe if she loves sleeping in high places.

If so, you can place some cat beds as high as the top of the cabinet while some condo bed includes a low and higher platform which your cat can choose.

How Do I Get My Cat to Like Her Bed?

Before you read on, you must remember that introducing something new to your cat may be overwhelming for her. Understand that she needs an adjustment period and be extra patient in dealing with your cat.

It may be a simple thing for you, but for your feline, this change could be a significant life event. So take it slow and do not force your cat to the bed. Think about what if you are in your feline’s paws?


If you have followed and considered the factors mentioned above and tips in finding the best spot for your cat’s bed, then you can cross this one out from the list. Your fur baby will love the bed if you have placed it in the right place.


Cats learn everything by smelling and sniffing. So make sure that the smell of the new bed is not alien to your cat. 

To aid your cat’s familiarization to the new bed, you may place a cloth, a towel, or a mat your cat used so she can smell herself in there. If there’s none of her stuff that you can get, you could also use your material to give her assurance with your smell in the bed. 

Make sure that the bed does not have a strong factory smell. It will not just overwhelm your cat; it may also trigger some allergic reactions.


As a fur parent, we always use treats to encourage our pets to do something or initiate an action. Placing your cat’s favorite treat on the bed will not just make the place familiar, but will also create an association that she will receive a reward by going to her bed.


Treats are not the only encourager of actions. You can also use toys to lure your cat to the bed. Make sure you use the most favorite toys to get a cat’s attention and keep your kitty in the bed.


Make sure that the cat’s bed material is something that your cat is not allergic to. Choose carefully as cats are easily irritated to some fabric and unfamiliar textures. Choose a fabric your cat loves or already familiar with. 


Get a cat bed that is easy to wash or clean. In that way, it will not be difficult for you to maintain its cleanliness. We all know that cats are obsessed with being clean.

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How to Choose The Best Extra Large Cat Bed?

As every cat is different, extra large cat beds come in several make, texture, styles, and sizes to fit your cat’s preference.

The best should provide your cat’s preference, but most importantly, it should fit your cat. You must get the best size for your cat. Does your feline friend need an enormous bed or extra large bed that will be ok?

According to The International Cat, remember (TICA) there are 71 standardized cat breeds as of 2020, the giant cats are the Maine Coons with their weight of 25 pounds while the domestic short-haired cat’s weight averages around 15 pounds only.

Thus, size does matter when choosing the perfect cat bed for your fur baby.

Here are things you should consider in choosing the best size of the cat bed:

Length and weight of your cat

Get a weighing scale and a tape measure. To find that perfect cat bed, you must first know how big and heavy your cat is. In measuring the length and weight, you can ensure that your cat will not just fit the bed but will have enough room for stretching. 

You should also look for a cat bed that can carry the total weight of your cat. Some materials are not as sturdy as others, and it may become a problem if your cat is massive. So, ask or read the bed’s specification to know if it can support the weight of your cat.

Consider the height of your cat. Especially if you prefer the cave-like cat beds, you have to make sure that your cat will fit at the dome. They must have enough space over their head when they are standing up to avoid suffocation. 

Accuracy is key

Do not overestimate or underestimate your cat’s size. If the bed is too small, your cat may not be comfortable and will not able to move and stretch. However, if it is too big, then your cat may not feel its coziness and may feel indifferent having too much space around.

Sleeping position

Does your cat stretches a lot while sleeping, or does she loves curling up for snuggling? If your cat likes to stretch, then you must get the bed size that goes beyond her length. But if your cat likes to snuggle, then you can buy a bed that is the same as her size.

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