self grooming cat brushes

5 Best Self Grooming Cat Brushes in 2020 – Full Reviews

What are the best self-grooming cat brushes in 2020? Can self-grooming brush substitute our care for our furry friend?

Cats are like a cute little member of the family for most of us. You will always be happy while providing a comfortable and cool feeling to your cat. As a cat owner, I am sure you love giving it a nourishing feeling by running your hands through soft and healthy fur. Meanwhile, you can see some loose fur in your hand when you rub over your pet.

Even though cats are very clean pets, they love to be always brushed. On average, cats spend 15% to 50% of their day for grooming on their own. Also, to remove the dust, dirt, and dander, cat’s saliva will create a protective layer that regulates its temperature.

Your part of brushing, starting from a young age, will form a bond with your pet. Grooming will also help to improve obedience and friendliness towards you.

Fur shedding occurs especially during spring and summer so that you can groom them daily in those periods. Have you noticed your pet rubbing against your leg and furniture? In that case, a self-grooming brush is something you have to consider. It will undoubtedly help to satisfy your cat’s needs. In this topic, we’ll discuss what self-grooming brushes, its advantages, and disadvantages are.

self grooming cat brushes

5 Best Self Grooming Cat Brushes

#1. Catit Senses 2.0 Self Groomer

Your kitty will love this one because it gives her full-time grooming and rubbing pleasure. As the name says, this product will activate and stimulate your cat’s senses.

Catit self groomer

Key Features:

  • BPA-free plastic,
  • Includes Canadian catnip,
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to disassemble

Catit senses is made up of flexible BPA-free plastic, which will make your kitty’s self-grooming safe and enjoyable. She will get a constant source to make herself comfortable and happy. Your pet will have a fun time ahead, and also it improves your cat’s health. So it gives you double benefits.

You only need to keep this brush on any surface at the cat’s height, and there you go, there is nothing more to worry about. Just set it, and your feline friend will always be around it. You can clean this brush by detaching it from the holder and just do hand wash with natural soap and attach it back. So cleaning is such an easy job you can never imagine.

This product includes a catnip compartment and a Canadian catnip herb. The catnip will grab your cat’s attention, which will make your loved one groom always. It is an extra incentive. Catit senses 2.0 includes some adhesive strips for mounting.

Once you give this brushing toy to your kitty, you can find how your cat starts playing and enjoying it. Because this tool is made in-order to enrich and enhance the activities of your loving kitty.

Catit Senses 2.0 can be considered as a cat’s hair remover as well as a de-shedding brush along with pleasure and happiness for your feline friend. Try it, and you will find it amazing.

#2. IMISNO 4 Pack Cat Self Groomer with Catnip Pouch

IMISNO 4 pack cat self-groomer is a very soft brush. This softness will enable your kitty to groom on its own and massage gently without any pain. It also helps your kitty’s scratch it’s skin with a smooth feeling. Its bristles are so soft that it will give a feel of smooth touch while your kitty groom against it.

Key Features:

  • Safe and easy to clean
  • Adhesive installation – flat or corner surface
  • Includes catnip
  • Pocket friendly
  • Includes four brushes
IMISNO 4 Pack Cat Self Groomer with Catnip Pouch

Even though it is soft, it’s bristling will not fall off. This product will enable you to make your house fur-free. So you don’t need to get annoyed with cleaning the shedding hair.

You can lighten up your burden. The self-groomer will help your kitten to have fun with it. You can just clean it by removing the brush and squeezing and pulling apart. The main goal of its design to improve your kitten’s lifestyle. The cat always loves grooming, and you can’t do it every time.

So this is a perfect product for you to be gifted to your loved ones. IMISNO 4 pack self-groomer, as the name indicates, comes with four self-grooming brushes. It also has a catnip herb that you can put into the catnip compartment. The product also provides screws and adhesive strips for mounting it. You can install it against any corner or any table leg. It is such an innovative product that everybody will be eager to have it for their kitty.

You can place IMISNO on a flat surface. It is so flexible that you can keep it anywhere. However, don’t forget cats love to be in corners so that the best option will be placing the brush in a cozy corner.

#3. Furhaven Pet cat Tree with self-grooming brush

Furhaven pet cat tree with a self-grooming brush gives your kitty an extremely different type of experience. It is an all-inclusive cat care station. Apart from the self-grooming brush, this tree will enable your cat to play, lay, and scratch the whole day.

Key Features:

  • Self-grooming station
  • Scratch post
  • Grooming brush
  • Hammock
  • Ball to play
  • 60-Day Worry-Free Program

It provides your kitten with excellent comfort and a luxurious cuddle at the same time.

Your kitty can play with the dangling plush ball attached to the bottom of the hammock. The soft and fluffy toy will definitelly attract your cat’s attention. All cat loves to play with a toy which can be swiped and batted at.

The self-grooming arch brush will help your kitty to rub against on its own. The sturdy bristles are soft to massage your kitty; it also satisfies its itches and catching loose fur.

Furhaven cat tree also has two scratching posts, which gives an additional option to enjoy. Instead of scratching your sofa or carpets, your cat will be able to satisfy the natural needs to scratch with the help of those posts. Scratching pillars will also help your cat to remove old materials from the claws.

The luxurious cat hammock, in between two pillars, will provide a comfortable place where your cat can nap. The soft plush hammock will give your kitty an excellent comfort.

You will be entirely happy to see your kitten enjoying herself and having its indoor amusements with this tool.

This self-grooming brush will make your home fur-free, which results in cleanliness. It is a portable cute and little playground for your loved one. It will perfectly blend into any home because it has a plush faux fur cover and a small size. Surely the pet cat tree will be a luxurious product for your feline friend, making it comfortable and entertaining.

#4. iHoo Cat Self Groomer

The main focus of iHoo Cat Self Groomer is to provide safe and soft brushing. Your cat will love soft bristles and will thoroughly enjoy this brush in your absence.

Key Features:

  • High-quality soft rubber
  • Improves blood circulation and metabolism
  • Easy to install
  • Includes catnip
  • Includes screws
iHOO Cat Self Groomer Wall Corner Massage Comb

Your kitten can do self-grooming in your absence without getting hurt. You can see your loved one enjoying and playing along with this groomer.

If your cat is a big fan of biting everything around, no need to worry, it is undoubtedly safe brushing even for chewing.

With this extra soft brush, you don’t need to worry your cat will be hurt or scratched. You can entirely rely on this product.

As you know, massaging your kitty will improve its blood circulation and metabolism. It also helps to relieve fatigue since your kitty will not swallow as much fur as before. The reason is this self-groomer will remove as much as shedding hair from your cat’s coat. You will be surprised to see that your house becomes fur-free and clean. You can clean the brush very quickly. Its design enables you to remove the fur in a minute.

Initially, you want to make your cat attracted to it. For this, along with the product, there will be a small pouch of catnip herb. You can insert this herb into the inner brush compartment. After doing so, you can see that your kitty comes and smell it and slowly starting grooming itself. Don’t be surprised to find your cat next to this magical brush regularly. The catnip is like a magnet for cats.

You can quickly fix iHoo Cat Self Groomer on the wall, desk leg with screws or double-sided tape. You can set it in a corner or flat surface. But, of course, the best place depends on your kitty’s nature. Some cats will love to have a self-grooming brush in the cage itself. If your cat is one of those, you can quickly fix it with a cage-hanger and flower-shaped nut. All these accessories are included in the package.

Lastly, you can hold this brush directly in your hands.

#5. Petmaker Self Grooming Cat Massager

Petmaker cat Arch Self Groomer massager is a 3 in 1 self-groomer brush as well as a toy for your lovely kitty. You can use it for any purpose since it is a multi-user tool for your cat. It is a self-groomer, massager, groom brush, scratcher, and a play toy.

AikoPets Cat Arch Self Groomer Massager

Key Features:

  • Massage station 
  • Scratching post
  • Includes catnip
  • Foldable & easy to carry
  • High-quality brush

This product looks like an arch mounted on a base, through which your cat goes to and fro. When your cat crosses the dome, the bristle will gently brush away fragile hair. Whenever the cat moves to and fro its loose fur gets attached to the brush, the arch is the brush.

You will able to see the kitty will entertain with this for hours. Your kitty will be able to freely scratch and stretch since its base lets her do so. So that means you can safeguard your furniture from your kitty’s sharp claws.

You can easily fold this cat arch self-groomer so that you can save your space.

This tool is durable, the base has an anti-skid pad, and your cat will not collapse and move the arch while rubbing. You will feel the comfort of your kitty while using it. You can carry it anywhere with you if needed.

Petmaker cat Arch Self Groomer massager can be kept anywhere where you feel your feline friend spends more time. Your home will be free from all the loose fur and will be clean and tidy.

To attract your kitty for the first time, you should insert the catnip, which comes together with this brush. Catnip will attain the attention of your cat, and it will move around smelling and rubbing against it. You will surely have it since it is small, durable, and easy to be maintained.

What is a self-grooming cat brush?

Self-grooming cat brush is mainly used to remove loose and shedding hair. It’s easy for you to maintain since it can be snapped in and out of its frame.

It gives the cat easy access for rubbing pleasure, which helps them be happy and comfortable. Self-grooming brush provides your kitty a feel of gentle, self-massage each time it rubs against it. You won’t believe your kitty will love to play with it.

You can see, it will be your cat’s favorite tool. This self-grooming brush can be easily removed and easily replaced, which makes it long-lasting and super convenient. Moreover, you can fit it in all corners and table legs. You can mount it easily and quickly. To make your cat irresistible, you can add a little cat nib. However, if you want your cat to reach it easily, keep it at the right hight.

Your cat will be able to rub and remove all its loose fur. Usually, you can mount the brush with the help of screws or double-sided tape. It’s effortless to install it anywhere. You will be thrilled to see your kitty always clean since it feels to rub every time.

The self-grooming brush is easy to clean; you can just do hand washing, and it’s done!…. Your cat can also often do the face grooming. Even in your absence, your furry friend will groom on her own. So a self-grooming brush will be an excellent gift to your feline friend.

What are the advantages of a self-grooming cat brushes?

As I said before, the main advantage of using a self-grooming brush is that your kitty can brush comfortably and happily in your absence. You can save your time, and also your cat will be able to take care of herself whenever she needs it.

Usually, cats love to do grooming by themself, but there are some risks involved. For example, after self-grooming, your cat swallows hairballs and then coughs. Hairballs can lead to constipation and pain, which is very unpleasant. So if you want to eliminate such hassles, self-grooming cat brush will do prevention.

Another benefit is self-grooming brush has a scratch pad covered with carpeting. This will help your feline friend to sharpen its claws, like a scratching post. It will keep her nails neat and healthy.

It will help your kitty to remove skin flakes, dirt, and dying hairs, which will help your feline friend to make her coat shiny and soft. Do you know why? The reason is that it increases the production of natural oils and also blood circulation.

Self-grooming brushes will fit in all corners or table legs. So you can decide where to fix it. You will be the only one who knows where your kitty usually tries to groom.

Such a brush will help you to keep your home clean and tidy because your loved one does her grooming of her own in this tool. No fur or any other dirt related to this will be on your furniture or bed.

cat shedding

What are the disadvantages of a self-grooming cat brushes?

So what are the disadvantages of self-grooming cat brush?

The only thing is you have to clean it when it is partially full. That means you have to clean it often, every time it will get filled since your kitty always grooms its body.

If it’s not cleaned as mentioned, your kitty will not get any comfortable feeling.

Whenever you do regular grooming, it will improve the bond between you and your kitty—for example, patting her while grooming will make her happy. But self-grooming brush will vanish all this, she plays during self–grooming, but you won’t be a part of that. So you both will miss this time.

Since your cat is doing her grooming on her own, you won’t be able to find out if there are fleas and ticks on the cats. It can cause problems if it can’t be detected earlier. So you have to watch appropriately and should have an eye on your pet.

One more concern is you won’t be able to find out how much they are shedding their fur. You should treat too much fur shedding. So try to monitor and identify the amount of hair in the self-grooming brush.


So, should you buy a self-grooming brush for your cat? The answer is YES. Which brush is the best? Based on my in-depth research, I can tell you, all of them are great. It all depends on your budget and personal preferences.

Every year a new invention appears on the market, which helps you to provide your cat additional comfort and care. The self-grooming brush is one of those. Personally, I think it’s a great idea, especially for indoor cats.

This product is undoubtedly beneficial to both of you, you and your cat.

You can save your time and keep your home clean. Meanwhile, your kitty will be enjoying her grooming all the time, even in your absence. You will find the ‘N’ number of self-grooming brushes in the market, but these listed above are one of the best self-grooming cat brushes on the market for 2020.

Apart from being a health-improving tool, some brushes are also very entertaining. Your feline friend will be grateful to you once you gift this new innovative tool to her.

Just see what magic the self-grooming brush will do to your loved one.

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