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11 Best Unique Cat Trees Towers in 2020. Full Reviews

Are you searching for the best unique cat trees towers that are modern and stylish at the same time? I am glad you are here because I have reviewed Top 11 Best Unique Cat Trees Towers for this year. I am more than sure you will be able to choose the right one for your kitty.

In-home cats are lucky and unlucky at the same time. They are fortunate to have a roof over their heads, tasty food, and water. On the other side, these goodies restrict the ability to run and climb, and this is where cat towers come on the scene.

A simple four-foot tower in the corner behind the sofa provides cats hours of exercise and entertainment. Buying one will give your feline friend a chance to run, climbing, and jump. It will keep your cats weight at a healthy level and retain the body in physical harmony.

The cat towers are often tall and bulky, and they stand out like a painful thumb. But further afield, they are designed to keep your cunning friends healthy. It provides your cat with a safe place to scratch, climb, and sleep, all in one piece of furniture.

Nowadays, you can find a unique design that fits almost any elegant home or room. With a variety of options available, you can find cat towers for single cat apartments or five cat homes.

11 Best Unique Cats Trees

#1. UTOPIAY Cat Tree in Wonderland

Here is the first choice of our unique cat tree towers top list. The name explains itself. The UTOPIA Wonderland is a beautifully designed tree, which will make any corner of your home cozy and unique.

UTOPIA Cat Tree in Wonderland

  • Size: 200 cm height
  • Color: Beige
  • Material: Wood, sisal rope, faux fur, metal tubes
  • Washable Soft Cushions
  • Net weight: 42 kg
UTOPIAY Cat Tree in Wonderland

It is a perfect tree tower that will provide hours of fun and exercise, keeping your energized cat healthy. This tree is excellent for jumping.

The UTOPIAY Cat Tree in Wonderland is in vertical shape and has multiple options for your cat to relax, exercise, and having a lot of fun staying indoor. The significant advantage of this tree is that it does not take much space.

Scratching is a biological necessity for any cat, and the UTOPIA provides an excellent solution through the naturally covered sisal post on the cat tree. It is called a dream kitting playhouse.

The body is made from sturdy metal tubes that are well balanced and provides your cat with a safe place to play. No matter how energetic your cat is and how many times she is jumping from one side to another, the tree will stay balanced.

The cat tree is durable and easy to clean. Your cat will love a faux fur that wrappers the tree all around. It is super soft and includes a flower top perch, two condos for relaxing, and three circular platforms that can accommodate multiple cats.

Its installation is straightforward; the package includes all needed components as well as detailed instructions.

A cat tree is a complete activity center and a scratching space for your cat, with the resting board and multiple posts for scratching and clawing.

If you want the tree to serve your cat in the long run, you might follow some instructions.

For example, do not sock the water for a long time when cleaning the tree; otherwise, it will affect the use of the cat climbing frame.

After washing, place the frame in the ventilation place for a few days; in this way, it will be fully dry.

The UTOPIA Wonderland tree is an all-in-one Cat Tower with Flannel condo, Matel Cat Climbing frame with the hanging ball, Sunflower cat furniture, and activity center for cats.

If you face any problem with a cat tree, like installation, you can contact a company that promises to reply within 24 hours.

#2. The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower

This modern and unique feline lotus cat tower is another right choice for your cat. It is a high-quality well-heightened tree, and your cat will love all its features.

Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower


Lotus Cat TowerProduct 

  • Height – 69″ – 175cm
  • Color: Dark Brown (Espresso)
  • Material: Wood 
  • Suitable for multiple cats
  • Unique design 
  • 5 height levels 

This lotus cat tower can provide your cat with a lot of entertainment. It has four different levels to jump, scratching post, hide-and-seek box, and an excellent place to take a nap. 

At the same time, it is also a piece of good looking furniture that brings beauty to your house. If you place it next to the window, your kitty might be sitting often and enjoying the view. 

This Feline Lotus Cat Tower comes in parts that require assembly. All the necessary tools are provided with the package, including instruction. So you can assemble the pieces by yourself.  

It has a massive base that can support your cat jumps over regardless of the weight. This fact is confirmed by many happy customers who reviewed the tree. Their heavy cats can easily enjoy it without making the tree shaking. 

You can see a cushioned cubby and a nest in the bottom of the hideaway. Your kitty can enjoy discovering all different levels as well as a little cubby hole at the bottom of the tower. 

All parts of this tree are replaceable. This Lotus cat tower might be more expensive than other towers, but when we look at the features that come with it. It is worth it. 

Cushions and carpet padding that come with this lotus cat tower are a little bit darker like the color or espresso wood. The carpet color goes well with the color of the furniture. 

#3. Sauder Natural Sphere Cat Tower

Sauder Natural Sphere Cat Tower is a unique piece that will make your home cozier and your kitty safe and happy. Some of your visitors won’t even be able to discover the purpose of this furniture at the beginning.


Sauder Natural Sphere Cat Tower

  • Height – 43″ – 111cm
  • Material: Wood, Metal 
  • Unique design 
  • Scratching pad
  • Cave for sleeping 

This unique tower comes with durable metal hardware, plastic bristle, and corrugate scratchpad.

It has a fabric cushion Sisal padding, Carpet with toy on an elastic string, and wicker sphere with two access holes. The round cave is very spacious and cozy. You can accommodate there even up to the fifteen-pound big cat, a great choice if you own, for example, a Maine Coone cat.  

You don’t have to worry that your cat won’t be able to enter the tower quickly. 

Cats are masters in jumping and climbing; therefore, entering this tower will be effortless. 

One of the legs of the tower is wrapped with a sisal rope, which will enable your cat scratching. It is removable so you can change the leg anytime you want. 

The sleeping pod size is 19,5″ x 17,7″. 

You can use the Sauder Natural Sphere Cat Tower in two ways. It can serve your cat while sleeping or just relaxing in this cozy cave. Secondly, it is an entertainment center with a lot of activities and exercises.

You will get as well a two side fabric cushion and carpet base with a toy on an elastic string. You can easily wash the bed cushion.  

You will get a one year warranty. 

This tower has no compromise on quality and material. Everything is perfectly designed and made. If you are searching for a unique cat tower, this piece is a great deal and can be a fabulous decoration piece at your home. 

#4. FEANDREA Cat Tree

If you are searching for a unique and attractive cat tree, then this product is another fantastic choice. It is mainly suitable for those cat owners who don’t wish to have a big piece of extra furniture at home.



  • Height – 34″ – 86cm
  • Color: Dark Brown (Espresso)
  • Material: Wood 
  • Suitable for multiple cats
  • Unique design 
  • High-quality
  • Scratching Pad
  • Sleeping mats

This cat tree tower looks like a snow-covered alpine hut. The frame is in a dark wood veneer color, and the pads are in white fur, which makes a great color combination. The cushions are very soft, which will be highly appreciated by your kitty.

Despite its size, your cat still will be able to enjoy all the features with maximum satisfaction. It has a scratching leg wrapped with a sisal rope and a scratching mat. Both of them will help your kitty enjoying sharpening her claws at the maximum and prevent her from using your sofa.

The bottom side of the tree is strengthened with battens to enhance stability. There is as well an anti toppling fitting, which gives you one more option to secure this tree to the wall.

The cuddly cushions are with a white imitation fur and attached to the platforms, and the design of the cottage is a hook and loop fasteners. You can easily remove and clean the cushions.

FEANDREA provides professional customer service before and after purchasing the product. You will get simple and straightforward instructions about the products, as well as some tips about choosing the best tree model for your cat.

This product is sturdy and easy to assembly. Within 15 minutes, you will be able to put it together.

It can be used by very active cats who love jumping and playing as well as those who are a bit lazy and like to hide from the hustle and bustle.

Your kitty might be using it for sleeping. A cozy cuddle cave with a window will give her a perfect place to sleep and use it as the main bed. Another two beds will be good for relaxing and watching the surroundings.

#5. Sebastian Modern and Unique Cat Tree Tower

Sebastian modern cat tree is the best and unique choice for your cat and home decoration. This stylish and unique piece of a tree is a lovely addition to your home. It has a multifunctional purpose, so be sure your cat will enjoy all its features like scratching, resting, exercising, and hiding at the maximum level.

Sebastian Modern Cat tree Tower


  • Height – 67″ – 170cm
  • 6 levels of entertainment
  • Scratching post
  • 2 areas for lounging
  • Suitable for Multiple cats. 
  • Unique design 
  • Easy to assemble
Sebastian Modern Cat Tree

It is made in two beautiful colors, black and white. It consists of different shapes and designs like Cat box, Sophia Wall, Mounted Cat Tree, and Hadley Storage chest.

The Sebastian Modern Cat tree tower made on six separate levels for climbing and playing and can be used as a decoration piece as well.

In the first level of this tree, your cat can enjoy scratching and sharpening the claws. It has a big built-in sisal scratching mat. The second level has a soft carpet for lounging outside as well as inside. Your cat will love hiding there and watching the surroundings from inside. The entrance is 7.5″ x 8″ (approx. 20 cm), which is a perfect fit even for bigger cats.

The fourth level is another place for your cat to take a nap as it has a soft carpet.

You can partially use this unique and modern cat furniture like a bookcase, and it will blend perfectly with your home decor.

If you own more than one cat and have a small home, this tree can be a perfect option to accommodate and entertain all of them in a small area.

It is effortless to clean. You can spray the carpets with special carpet cleaning sprays and then vacuum. For the dust, simply use a duster brush.

Another essential thing while choosing tree stability. This Cat tree tower is sturdy enough, so no need to worry about the tree falling or shaking.

To make it unique and, at the same time, practical, seems like the maker though thoroughly about all essential functions. The tree is well functional and practical.

The process of finishing is complete through paint with durable, non-toxic, and lead-free paint.

You can quickly and easily assemble the cat tree by given detailed instructions. All you need is a Phillip head screwdriver.


Here is another fantastic and unique tree tower for your cat. Be sure your cat will relax and enjoy this tree well.

IRIS Cozy Cup Cat Tree


IRIS Cozy Cup Tree

  • Height: 39.7″ – 100cm
  • Color: Brown (Espresso)
  • Material: Wood,
  • Washable Soft plush Cushions,
  • Sisal rungs

The IRIS Cozy cup cat tree gives all opportunities for your cats like perching, scratching, sleeping, and playing. It is a three-tier tree combination.

Your kitty will love its attractive material, playing features, and design. This perfect combination will be a genuinely unique kitty habitat.

The artificial wicker basket with cushion makes a perfect towering nest for snoozing. It is a super place for cats to curl up whenever they want to take a nap.

The IRIS Cozy Cup tree tower is a cozy place to sleep and play. The comfy hammock will be perfect for taking a nap, and dangling a toy that hangs just on the top will make your cat playing for hours.

Before purchasing this playing tree tower, you should know that it is suitable mainly for small and average cats below 10 pounds. Some customers have a positive experience for their bigger cats with 10 – 14 Ibs weight. However, you must keep this fact in mind.

It is a high-quality tree which is sturdy and at the same time comfortable for your cat.

You can easily install it and place it in any corner of your home. Multiple cats can use the tree; however, keep in mind the cat’s weight.

#7. Good Life Modern Design Cat Tree House

Say goodbye to the annoying and dull old cat tree because, in the market, a new and beautiful design of a unique cat tree is available.


Good Life Modern Design Cat tree

  • Height: 63″ – 160 cm
  • 6 levels of entertainment
  • Many lounging areas
  • Suitable for Multiple cats. 
  • Unique design 
  • Easy to assemble
Good Life Modern Design Cat Tree House

It has an innovative, stylish design and made from high-quality materials that look luxurious. Compared to many other cat trees, this one gives your cat an unprecedented amount of possibilities to play and relax, including lounging areas.

You can find a lot of sisal scratching areas where your cat can sharpen the claws. The sisal rope is one of the most favorites by cats, and this tree is a heaven of columns wrapped with sisal rope. So your cat will surely use the tree instead of your valuable furniture alone.

At the bottom of the tree, your cat will have the private cave, where she can sleep, and you don’t need an extra bed for her. A cubby house is a perfect place for taking a nap or hide from your visitors.

A Good Life unique cat tree tower is a beautiful complement to your home, which will make your house more stylish and modern. It can accommodate and entertain a few cats at the same time. They will have enough space to play and enjoy. As well this sturdy tree tower is suitable for a large cat.

It is made from a multi-layer solid wood, which is durable and sturdy. The tree tower has six floors of play space. It is 63″ tall and has a five sisal column on each side for a cat to scratch, climb and play.

The hanging Hammock is great for taking a nap or just relax and watch the surrounding. The tree comes with soft carpets, which you can easily remove for cleaning, they are washable.

If you are searching for a big, sturdy tree, which can entertain many cats or a big cat, then Goodlife unique cat tree tower is the right choice.

#8. PIDAN Unique Cat Tree Tower - Cat Cubes

Pidan Cat Tree is a smart solution made from wide squares that create many platforms for your cats to sit, lounge, climbing, and jumping.

Pidan Cat Tree Cubes


PIDAN Unique Cat Tree Tower

  • Height 42,5″ – 108 cm
  • High quality pine wood
  • Unique Design
  • 1 year warranty
  • Suitable for multiple cats

It has a vertical sisal scratching post as well as many round holes in cubes, which allows your cat to discover each part of this unique cat tree.

After settling the cubes, you can place the sleeping mats and toys to make the place more cozy and entertaining.

This smart labyrinth has an excellent design and will match any place in your home. Super sturdy construction can serve more cats at the same time. It is utterly safe for your cat as its made from high-quality pine wood, which is wax-finished.

Pidan cat tree doesn’t have metal parts, and it’s effortless to assemble. As well it doesn’t take much space to store it. This tree will provide your cat with many activities and exercises.

It is 42,5″ (108 cm) tall and 37,4″ (95 cm) wide and has six levels to play. There is a vertical scratching post which might be highly appreciated by cats who love scratching in an upright position.

For this high-quality product, you will get a one-year warranty. The next advantage of this unique tree is that it’s easy to clean, and you don’t have to worry about removing and washing carpets or sleeping mats.

This tree is a perfect solution if you want to have in your modern home a unique and high-quality piece of furniture and, at the same time, satisfy your cat needs.

#9. PetFusion Modern Cat Tree house

Do you know the cat’s best habitués are scratching, playing, hiding, and lounging? The Pet Fusion unique cat tree tower is best for any of the mentioned activities. No matter how old your cat is, on this tree, she can perfectly enjoy jumping, climbing, and playing.


Pet Fusion Cat Tree House

  • Height – 33 inches – 83cm
  • Color: Chestnut brown
  • Material: Wood veneer
  • Berber carpet with Velcro
  • Washable Soft Cushions

PetFusion Modern Cat Tree House

Compare to the other trees in our top list PetFusion looks small, but despite this, it can accommodate and entertain few cats at the same time. The simple but smart design of this cat tree will keep it always balanced and stable.

So what activities can your cat do here? The upper platform of a tree is great for lounging. Your cat can enjoy jumping, playing in a tunnel, stretching, and scratching.

The 30-inch tall scratching tube is wrapped with a high-quality sisal rope, to guarantee a long utilizing. The tunnel is a great hiding spot and a lounging area.

The sisal carpet offers excellent durability and a better stimulating surface for scratching than traditional sisal rope. This unique tree is very stylish, sturdy, and simple to put together.

Your cat will love the soft structure of the tunnel and will feel happy and relaxed inside. Pet Fusion is easy to clean and maintain. You can remove the top carpet, which is on a dry zip, and wash it. Other parts you can wipe with chiffon or with a dust brush.

It will fit perfectly any place in your home and will incorporate it into your home design. If you decide to go for this model, you will be happy to have a great and modern piece of furniture, and your cat will be delighted to enjoy this complete gym.

As it is made from a fight quality tree, it will unquestionably serve your cat for many years.

One of the last things that you should know is that the tree includes and organic catnip leaf to attract your feline and keep her longer playing and enjoying. Your cat will surely be entertained for many hours.

#10. Unipaws Wooden Unique Cat Tree Tower

If you are looking for a tall cat tree, which will provide your cat with many happy playing hours full of jumping and climbing, you are in the right place.

Unipaws Wooden Cat Activity Tree


Unipaws Wooden Unique Cat Tree Tower

  • Height – 49″ – 125cm
  • 5 levels of entertainment
  • Durable high-quality wood
  • Unique Design 
  • Removable scratching mats
  • Easy to clean


The Unipaws wooden cat activity tree has an anti-toppling design that keeps your cat well entertained and safe at the same time. Multi-level stable platforms will ensure effortless climbing, and you don’t have to worry about your cat’s safety. 

Despite the simple design of this tree tower, it provides many activity options. Here are some basic and the most necessary for your cat. 

  • First one is the possibility to climb high and discover the surrounding from the top. 
  • The second one is scratching and sharpening the claws. Your cat has an option to choose from four different scratching platforms and mats.
  • The third is stretching the body – which is one of the primary purposes of this tree. Your cat can do it on each level of this tree, as all levels have mats. 
  • And the last one is the perfect place to do exercise. 

This Unipaws, unique cat tree tower has two rotatable platforms. Both of them can rotate in different angles and stimulate your cat’s interest in new challenges. You can also see two of the platforms with holes; this will bring more fun and curiosity to your cat. 

One of the best parts about this tree is its durability because it is made of high-quality wood. It will last for many years and can serve your cat for a long time. 

Environmentally friendly wood with modern design will make your home beautiful and stylish. 

The Unipaws cat tree tower is an ideal place for cats drilling. Its allow cats to free jumping in 5 different layer design, sturdy wood construction provides cats safety while they enjoy jumping, playing, and climbing. 

It is easy to clean, as you can remove mats and wash them separately, the rest of the tree you can polish with cloth. 

After having this cool all-inclusive exercise place, your cat will forget about scratching and damaging your furniture. 

At last, this tree is very well balanced and stable. It is 49″ tall (125cm) and 24″ wide (60cm). 

#11. Cat Craft Climbing Tower & Activity Tree

Finally, for completing our list, here is the last of the best top 11 unique cat trees towers. It is a Cat Craft Climbing Tower.

Cat Craft Climbing Tower & Activity Tree

  • Height – 95″- 113″ / 242 -288cm
  • 4 levels of entertainment
  • Unique Design 
  • Scratching cloth
  • Easy to clean
Galapara Cat Climbing Tower & Activity Tree

It is made from a good quality carpet cloth which gives a soft and comfortable feeling. Your cat will be able to jump quickly and effortlessly without any danger of sliding and falling. At the same time, the material can be useful for scratching without using any other scratching post.

The main aim of this tree is to provide your cat with great jumping and climbing gym. It is a remarkably tall cat tower with a range of 242cm-288cm.

It has four floors for entertainment. On the third level, your cat will be able to play with the ball, which is fixed on a string.

The neutral universal grey color will match any home decor. The construction of the cat tree is super stable and durable, and your cats can leap on or off this tree easily and safely.

This tree is suitable for small and big cats as it is very stable. It is easy to clean, and it doesn’t take much space to place it in any corner of your home.

You will get an assembling guide and can easily set up the tree by yourself. You can place the tree in any corner of your home because it doesn’t require much space.

With this cat tree tower, your cat will be able to improve the physical and mental condition.


No matter what type of cat trees you are looking for, there are a few things to consider before buying. The following questions will help you to choose the best cat tower for your pet.

1. Why should I get my cat a tree?

There is a long explanation as to why do you need cat towers and why cats feel the need to make their paws. Not only it’s a way to keep them sharp and ready for battle, but scratching is also a way to define their lands.

They leave their scent behind when they give the thing a full claw. By providing a cat tower, your kitty will have a rightful place to claim and scratch until he is satisfied.

Most of the constellations have areas specifically designed for scratching, which are often wrapped with sisal rope.

The natural fabric of the rope is more attractive to cats, and often they cannot resist digging. They may no longer use their favorite sofa to implement this instinctive behavior once they have a proper scratching function.

Despite the audacity that some cats might look like, there are times when they want to run and hide. Instead of finding them in your clean clothes drawer, a cat tower with a cubicle can be an excellent alternative haven.

Also, most cats sleep 13-16 hours a day, and many enjoy resting on top of the perch safely. However, when they don’t hunt, they are usually zippered.

Cat towers come with different platforms for lifting and lowering, traverse tunnels, entry, and exit compartments.

Giving your cat a tower is like giving them their own gym. One of the best aspects of cat furniture is the wide selection of unique and modern designs and options. Once you connect a hanging game to a platform, assemble two smaller towers, or simply move it to another room, your cat will never lose interest in its furniture.

2. How do I Choose a Cat tree Tower?

As I said earlier, there are a variety of options available if you’re buying a cat tower. You can find cat towers for single cat apartments or five cat homes. No matter what type you are looking for, there are a few things to consider before buying.

The first thing to think about is the size. If you have more than one cat, and need more space to accommodate all of them, look for cat towers within five feet or more. The more prominent cat tower is, the more options your cats will have. They will be able to enjoy playing space longer. A tall cat tower will attract much more even a single cat who can play alone.

The second thing to consider is the actual quality of the cat tower. You need to make sure the base is large or dense enough. Imagine when ten pounds cat jumps on it, the tower should not shatter through the front window.

Another critical thing to consider is materials. Your unique cat tree tower should be made from the right material. You need to make sure that the cats have scratch options. The cat towers that include rugs, sisal, and wood are often the best bets.

The last thing to consider when purchasing cat towers is color and style. Make sure to choose the one that best fits your room. Trust me; don’t want to look at a neon pink tower for the next six years when you have a lighthouse theme in the same place.

3. Are cat trees worth it?

Outdoor cats live mostly on trees, and they find it the best place because they perform all activities right there. Like jumping, resting on the heightened areas, or simply to stay away from animals who can harm them.

Cat tree towers are best for indoor cats. Indoor cats mostly prefer to sitting on top of your bookcase, just staring into space. The modern and unique design of the cat’s tower includes features that encourage your cats to be active and playful.

Most of the unique cat trees towers have toys, ladders, cabins, dens, and sisal rope and scratching posts and carpets. All these things will keep your cats active when you are not at home.

In the middle of the night, when you enjoy your sleeping, the cat trees towers will provide the perfect remedy for cats that tend to play.

All of the cat trees towers will provide your cat with many options for creative play. At home, it will surely be one of the most attractive places for your cats to perch and rest during the day.

It keeps them active and healthy. Unique cat trees towers have two best advantage. The first one it’s made a new and attractive modern design, and you can easily manage and set on any place. The second one, you don’t need to have a big space as most of them will fit in any corner of your house.

4. Where do you put a cat tree?

If you want your cat to entertain, relax, and at the same time have an option to play, then a cat tree is the best and perfect choice. But where to put it?

Cats always like to climb up to high places, where they feel safe, relaxed, and comfortable and in charge of their surroundings. So most probably, you must place a tree near the area your kitty lounge, climb, scratch, and hide usually. If your cat doesn’t have a specific playing area, here are some ideas.

Living room
If your cat loves being social and plays with your visitors, you can put it in the living room. The unique cat tree will give your home a new modern look. As well you will always have your cat in front of your eyes. You can easily catch and play with her.

If your bedroom is spacious then, the corner can be a perfect place for a cat tree. In this way, the chances that your cat will disturb you during the night are minimal. Same as pawing at your door during your sleep or sleeping on your pillow.

Laundry room
The laundry room can be the best place as well because in this way your cat will hide away from high-traffic. Another reason why it is a good option is that your cat will enjoy her privacy. A dryer makes the room warm and comfortable, and your cat will surely enjoy taking a nap.

If you have a house, your cat most probably stays often outside enjoying the garden. The garage will provide another option for privacy at the same time your cat will feel safe and enjoy a warm and clean place while resting. Cat usually needs the intimacy of doing their activity like pee and poop, and the garage will prevent your cat from cold weather.

5. How tall should be a cat tree?

Cat trees are available in different designs and shapes. Some are available in towering heights; some are small. But what is the perfect height of a tree for your cat? How tall should it be to satisfy cat needs ideally? Here is only one rule the taller cat tree is, the better it is for your cat.

If you have a little kitten, don’t be afraid to buy a large unit, and let her play on it. Keep in mind that your cat is going to grow.

Taller cat trees offer your cats the option to jump high. You can select from a wide range of different trees and poles that are available on the market. Most of the towers are reliable and comfortable for your cats.

You will be surprised how much entertainment your cat can find in a simple cat tower. Some cats love playing and sleeping with their favorites toys. So the cat tree tower can be one of those perfect options.

The tall cat towers are usually more expensive, but it can be an all-inclusive place to play, relax, exercise, and sleep. You might go for an option with a sleeping pad or cave, so your cat can take a nap.

6. Are cat towers good for cats?

If you are wondering whether cat towers are good for cats, the answer is YES. The indoor cat tree can be one of the best and safest places for your cat.

Due to a natural defense mechanism in cats, the tree is one of the safest places for them. The cat will always use a high object to be on during the danger. They can quickly jump and climb high, and they are perfect masters in doing so.

The tree will be the best place to escape from your visitors. In case you have other pet members, and they are not the best friends, it can be again one of the best options.

Even if there is no danger for your kitty, she will love and will enjoy running up the tree — cats like jumping high because it allows them to survey their surroundings with minimal effort. In a short time, they enjoy a lot of fun and save a life from dogs and other animals.

Your new indoor cat tree tower will also help your cat satisfying and developing her natural hunting skills.

She will also enjoy scratching the post (instead of your expensive sofa), doing exercise, and sleep.

To make it long short. There are many reasons why you should buy a cat tree tower for your feline friend. You will see it is one of the best investments you can do.


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